The importance of Internet Network Security to Big Enterprises

The importance of Internet Network Security to Big Enterprises

A workplace needs powerful computers to handle the workload of information which can be used to make the tasks simpler and less expensive and enable knowledge to be shared more effectively so that the organization could benefit from it.

With increased dependence of both employees and employers on modern computers, serious challenges with the potential to harm the productivity have relatively increased as well. These may include disruptions caused by hackers as well as the viruses, which threaten productivity and ultimately prevent employers from maintaining a productive workplace and handle various sensitive data of the employer or the institution.

For businesses or institutions, it is highly essential to have an effective network security so that personal as well as corporate information will remain secure and protected.

The most compatible cyber security tool especially designed for the organizations is the next generation firewall. Businesses need the ultimate flexibility of the next generation firewall to be able to distribute the work to match their infrastructure needs and scale over time.

With next generation firewall, you can find unique advantages that can help in dealing with latest threats:

- It provides total network visibility. Since you cannot protect what you can’t see, the best network security and management tool will provide you with the passive, real time visibility of hosts, applications, operating system, users, content, attacks and many more.

- With next generation Intrusion prevention system, you will find third party validation which is best in class threat prevention, which is surely a part of the next generation firewalls. With the combination of granular application and URL access control, you will find the total network protection.

- The Next Generation Firewalls provide intelligent security automation, giving more administrative functions than any other NGFW solutions allowing users not to devote all of its time and energy to cyber security.

- Next Generation Firewalls provide unparalleled performances and scalability. Your computer needs more protection along with the maintenance of network performances. The next generation firewall protection is based on single-pass architecture and firepower™ technology that provides overall firewall inspection throughout the options that ranges from 40 Gbps down to 1 Gbps with minimal degradation.

Today’s new generation firewalls are implemented in 15 different organizations by security professionals, which proved that threat prevention is an important feature in data protection and ranked firewall as the least important feature. Therefore, most of these organizations use NGFW to enhance the existing firewall infrastructure.