Maintaining the Security of Your Network is Our Business!

Maintaining the Security of Your Network is Our Business!

Wireless networks are very common, both for organizations and individuals. Many laptop computers have wireless cards pre-installed. The ability to enter a network while mobile has great benefits. However, wireless networking has many security issues. Hackers have found wireless networks relatively easy to break into, and even use wireless technology to crack into wired networks. As a result, it’s very important that enterprises define effective wireless security policies that guard against unauthorized access to important resources. Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems are commonly used to enforce wireless security policies and wireless network configuration.

With the World getting more wired and almost every digital device accessible directly or indirectly via the internet, small business network security and computer network maintenance should be topmost on your agenda especially if you run a small or medium sized business enterprise.

Small or medium sized business enterprises are more vulnerable because they either do not have any networking security or have something in place that would make the hackers laugh! The result is that hackers have increasingly turned their attention to small or medium sized companies.

Why is your network vulnerable?

Today, almost all digital devices are or can easily be interconnected.

Thus even your scanner-cum-printer-cum-fax can be remotely accessed by a moderately competent hacker. In fact, the machine need not even be directly connected to the internet. Just being part of your office network is sufficient.

The age of “information at your fingertips” is here.

Everyone wants instant information on anything and everything related to their business. Therefore, almost everyone connected to your business is given access to your computer network to either get updates or to feed updates into your network. So whether it is your supplier wanting to print out your requirements or your courier company updating delivery details or your sales force updating sales details via hand-held mobile units or laptops, all log into your network regularly. Every access or entry point is potentially also a hacker’s gateway. Further, there are access points that might not be visible or obvious but an experienced hacker can find them quickly. Proof is already out there! Sensitive company data has begun to show up all over the internet for the public to view.

Internet security services and Maintaining the Security of Your Network is Our Business!

BELNIS has put together a set of tools that address today’s security needs by combining exclusive network architecture and design methodology with services, expertise, and best practices that can readily integrate into your existing IT environments. We have made our services cost effective for the small and medium size companies while keeping our design and support services in line with the larger companies best practices.

We will support and maintain your wired and wireless network ensuring your security holes are plugged, allowing you to rest easy knowing that we are watching the wall. The result is a simplified, flexible, and higher performing network that is more secure, more agile and less expensive to manage.

For more information, please call BEL Network Integration & Support, LLC (BELNIS) a small business network support and network security consulting Company at (804) 796-2631. BELNIS has a 21-year track record for providing quality solutions to business establishments and government offices throughout Richmond & Tri-Cities area in the State of Virginia, USA.

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Indications of Spywares and Importance of Network Security

Indications of Spywares and Importance of Network Security

Now days our business is dependent on the IT setup as every business sector is using information technology services and tools. The strength of the process varies with the strength and security of the network. Different types of malwares and viruses attack on the network daily. It is very important to have a security backup for all these issues. If you have a computer and use internet too then there may be spyware on your PC. You may not be known to the indication of the spyware infections. Generally spyware shows to be saved on the background and they hide, but it is not easy to search whether it is on the computer or not. There are some signs of their presence which you should know about them.

Signs of spyware – (Slow computer speed) Most of the times your PC may become slow because there is a spyware present which gives more task to the computer resulting in the slow speed of the computer.

The spyware can use the resources of your PC and slow speed gives the indication of a spyware present and infecting the speed.

Signs of spyware – (Popping Adds) Many times while searching we get some pop-ups which are actually the advertisements of different companies. They mostly come like a search engine and the spyware gets you redirect to a different page. They behave like a pop-up on the PC when you are not browsing anything as well on the web.

Signs of spyware – (Hindrance in system working smoothly) When your system stops to work smoothly and hangs many times then it may be due to the presence of a spyware. The code of the spyware can create difficulties for your computer system as it is not well developed.

It can cease the working of many programs and can get your operating system in trouble too.

These are the main indications of spywares so to prevent these types of irregularities you can use anti-virus and spyware software. It is beneficial to get many programs scanned at a time. The software should be up to date and updated and you can take the help of another anti malware program for best results. If it is large business network you can also recommend for an efficient IT Support services provider. The provide monitoring, troubleshooting and recovery services for large networks.

If you are taking the network security services from a network services provider then it should ensure the required regulatory compliances. Most of the providers offer Remote Network Support services to the clients as they are fast, easy to use and cost-effective. They save a lot of time and reputation of your business which you can apply to your core business functions. More about network security and its

How Your Network Security Provider Maintains PCI Compliance

How Your Network Security Provider Maintains PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance affects millions of businesses around the world - e-commerce businesses, retail merchants and more. This article will provide you with information about PCI compliance and how your network security provider should help you maintain it. Whether you're a business owner, an executive, or an IT manager, the following information will be beneficial to you.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a worldwide information security standard assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The standard, which is currently comprised of 12 guidelines, was created to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise.

The standard applies to all organizations which hold, process, or pass cardholder information from any card branded with the logo of one of the card brands, including shopping cart sites, e-commerce and retail merchants and other merchant services providers.

PCI compliance is critical for millions of businesses around the world.

What about yours? And how does your network security provider help you to maintain PCI compliance?

Your network security provider should be able to address at least 5 of the critical PCI compliance requirements. They should also support periodic audits by generating reports and information to validate compliance to corporate policies and identify noncompliance issues prior to an audit.

Building and Maintaining a Secure Network

PCI Compliance Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data
PCI Compliance Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters

Network security providers maintain the integrity of the firewall by scanning for open ports that create outside access to the network.

As part of an applied security policy, blank passwords must be identified and checked against 25 other security best practices.

Maintaining a Vulnerability Management Program

PCI Compliance Requirement 5: Use and regularly update anti-virus software
PCI Compliance Requirement 6: Develop and maintain secure systems and applications

Your network security provider should provide some of the most comprehensive vulnerability monitoring available on the market, covering 6 distinct security domains:

Unapproved Software: Ensure that all software applications installed on your computer networks are approved by your company's security policy.

Suspicious Traffic: Detect abnormal traffic on your network that could indicate an attempt to access or manipulate your computers.

Intrusion Vulnerability: Identify open ports or other undesired access points that could put your network at risk of intrusion.

Malware Protection: Protect your network by ensuring antivirus and other network security software are installed, updated and functioning properly on all computers.

Updates & Patches: Assure all critical security updates and patches are installed, with Microsoft's minimum protection.

Security Practices: Ensure all your computers are configured and used in accordance with best practices for network security.

Agents: Monitor your network security status and lets you know how to solve any problems it detects.

Virtual Security Assistant: Provide 24/7 security for your entire network at a fraction of the cost of human domain experts.

Regularly Monitoring and Testing Networks

PCI Compliance Requirement 11: Regularly test security systems and processes

This includes monitoring your entire network, including laptops, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a SaaS enabled product, network security constantly provides updated security best practices and policies to your network.

How To Dispose Of Stop Of Lifetime Network Hardware Securely

How To Dispose Of Stop Of Lifetime Network Hardware Securely
Not just property owners use a elimination corporation. Unique styles of businesses can use the companies of workplace removals corporations. Any home business that has an office or a retail place can use workplace removals expert services. These organizations can array from an accountancy firm to an architectural firm. Of program different offices conduct diverse features and the office furniture and workplace machines or devices may possibly range.

In any of these instances the consigning business would almost certainly not be packing the pieces and will possibly have the office removals corporation personnel pack them up. This way they organization appreciates all is appropriately and safely packed to protect against any injury to the pieces. It is typically extra charge successful to have a moving business deliver in packers alternatively of utilizing workplace personnel to pack up an entire law workplace or architectural firm. Particularly when you take into account an architectural firm may well have significant blue print machines that may possibly have to be moved.

Of program a organization like a CPA would use the services of a shifting enterprise to move them to a new location. In this case the business would almost certainly allow the moving company do the packing except for any products the staff want to pack and carry to the new place on their unique, like the contents of their desk or modular space. On the other hand a compact CPA firm might pick to pack up most of their monetary paperwork and have them labeled and all set for decide on up by the shifting corporation.

When an workplace removals firm comes in to move an workplace that move may have to consider spot on a weekend so the workplace can go on to run until finally closing time on Friday evening and then reopen Monday early morning. There are removals firms that specialize in workplace moves and there are removals providers who like workplace moves because they can make extra income through a weekend when they usually don't move particular person homes.

A single factor shifting businesses normally do not confront when moving offices as opposed to specific homes are ATVs and patio furniture which are normally oversize but don't weigh incredibly substantially. An office frequently has desks or modules and relatively regular office furniture. Legs may possibly have to arrive off desks or reception furnishings but it is however pretty normal objects. The place an workplace might have awkward objects is that architectural firm and the blue print devices or a theatre business that has stage sets and props which movers would not experience at an specific house.

If you use a local mover then make sure they have a backup car or truck they can use if required (Laser Hair Removal Probable Issues, Numerous Varieties of Workplace Removals, Various Styles of Workplace Removals, ). Whichever style of removal firm you decide on you need to get some referrals and examine what the firm's reputation is. You can do this in quite a few techniques. If they belong to a regional business bureau you can check out with them. They could have to have a license in the metropolis that they do organization in so you could verify with the neighborhood federal government offices to see if they have had any complaints.

Experience Networking Consultant And Engineer And Security Consultants Available

Experience Networking Consultant And Engineer And Security Consultants Available
Nearly all businesses today rely on the Internet and computers. Combined, these two elements are used to run daily operations. These operations are purchasing, inventory, advertisement, and more.

A lot of information used in computers should remain proprietary. Additionally, computer networking must be set up efficiently. This should be efficient and reliable and meet customer needs.

To manage the computer networking IT design, a consultant is hired. A networking engineer may also be necessary and helpful at times. Finally, to ensure security of data security consultants are needed.

A networking consultant works with companies in a variety of areas. This networking consultant works with clients to solve IT problems. These problems may arise for many reasons, like communication issues.

IT problems are handled by an experienced networking consultant. This consultant takes customer networking issues and resolves them. It is important to have this person on an IT team for their knowledge.

It is important to resolve IT problems quickly to continue work. This is why many companies elect to hire a networking consultant. This person may work on site at the business location or remotely.

Another important person to have working is a networking engineer. A networking engineer is there to help in the design of the network. This is vital as a business grows and needs more network capabilities.

Another benefit of a networking engineer is to solve software issues. Businesses are sometimes faced with software challenges or issues. These challenges may require a new software program for work.

A networking engineer has the experience and knowledge necessary. The consultant will design a new software program to meet new demands. The engineer ensures a program works in current networking parameters.

Security consultants are very important in todays industries. The reason is so many people are computer savvy about computer access. This runs the risk of computer information being hacked by outside.

Security consultants work to ensure all network data is secure. These people work to maintain safeguards to protect the network. Security consultants work on firewalls, network access, and more.

In a business network, some people are allowed certain access. Each client decides this but access is made by security consultants. Security consultants develop accounts which stipulate access to files.

Many companies offer these personnel for customers as a service. This expertise is very important to maintain business security. The services are vital to working efficiently on daily operations.

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