Network Security Devices Can Not Guarantee Real Security

Network Security Devices Can Not Guarantee Real Security
Recently, a report by the United States, one pair of 107 acts of computer error led to loss of information due to the analysis report that the information currently stored on the computer to produce the greatest threat of attack from the theft of user names and passwords, and such frequency of attacks is currently the highest.

  The emergence of the United States report high reliability calculations for a number of supporters to provide a very strong view of the support of its view that the implantation of TPM (TrustedPlatformModule, Trusted Platform Module) security chip, the network device can be expected to solve Most of the information security problems, those who hold this view because of the emergence of TPM technology on information security issues expressed optimistic about the future.

This is because the calculation of the supporters of high reliability analysis of this report, thinks that the network security hardware implanted end systems, this technology will be established within a comprehensive network authentication system, a safe end to the network terminal, the device will be able to intercept 84% of illegal users, prohibit unauthorized access to internal networks. Therefore, some supporters of the reliable calculation of optimistic presumptions, implantation of network security hardware network terminal will greatly reduce the security risk.

It? I'm afraid not. Let us first look at the so-called "security devices" in the end are.

Security chip is only an identity card terminal

Network terminal is for security, TPM security chip is the foundation and core. TPM is a hardware-based security, the core technology. TPM security chip is an independent key generation, encryption devices, independent of the processor and internal memory unit can store keys and sensitive data, to measure a variety of computing platforms to provide integrity, data security and identity protection certification services. The implantation of the security hardware, each computer system is equivalent to corporate networks and terminals are each equipped with "identity."

With TPM "safety gene" terminal equipment, in particular the PC and notebook computers, TMP technology for its BIOS, operating system, device drivers, etc. data records, collected by the boot process to the data and compare the original stored data to check the security state, will report the results to the user. If there are people on the platform for third party access, TPM will promptly report security status, the third party in be only of permitted access, to further ensure that the user platform operating environment, applications and network environment between the trading and other computing platforms environmental credibility.

View of the current market, more and more desktop and notebook computers are able to carry this technology, as of 2005, the most notebook computers can run the platform. But here is the need to explain, TPM technology is not imposed, after all, some consumers may think that once the use of this technology in the use of scope would be affected, there can tell you, even bought the computer with TPM technology, as long as no turn this feature, it will be no other difference between the ordinary computer.

TPM in a limited role in information security

Ma Jie, senior information security as an industry expert on secure chip technology by TPM view: "TPM security chip embodied in the role of information security is the group effect, that is, internal network, most network TPM technology devices are used, and in the course of a very real end-user opens this feature. Only in this way, the network is to establish a credit system as a network, the terminal equipment will greatly enhance the trustworthiness . "

Ma Jie also reminded users, however, because the TPM technology is not mandatory, to establish a credit system in the practical application of network has some difficulties.

You might want, as a network administrator, or even as a unit leader in charge of IT departments in the application is permitted, you can use administrative means to ask the network not only with each terminal TPM security chip products, will also require each user have to turn this feature. This allows the establishment of a credit system with high network security-related network followed.

We will not speak of this idea can really achieve, even in an ideal environment, the TPM embedded security chip and the corresponding underlying security software tools, secure network devices erected a more Strong credit system of the network, then it has played a number of information security the actual effect? Whether you believe or safety terminal manufacturers, I am afraid they do not judge.

, Of course, the author referred to here is the traditional information security network security, refer to viruses, spyware, spam and hacker attacks and other Internet threats undermine the corporate network communications will affect the normal business operations, the impact on staff productivity.

Before the current guise of security threats: hackers have begun to seek fame Cong benefit changes, more subtle means of future hacker attacks, which have also more and more destructive, means of attack along become more complex and difficult to prevent; hidden threat to e-mail or web page with limited consumption of the enterprise systems and network resources, while increasing the cost of operation and maintenance of the enterprise; phishing attack will use a false e-mail identity theft, Some spyware is to steal financial or other confidential information.

Threat from the development trend of information security, these security threats become more and more means of integration. TPM security chip that uses a network of terminals, in resisting the integration of very mixed, according to security threats, can play a useful role, is not known.

However, according to data from abroad, the current U.S. military computer purchase all of the latest version of the TPM configuration, as Apple also introduced its new Mac models loaded with the technology. This also can be seen from the broad role of information security, the use of the TPM security chip, the network terminal can still play a role.

As user terminal equipment can be key and other sensitive data stored on the chip. TPM device-independent traditional storage systems (such as hard drives), traditional software attack can not steal this equipment is usually the user keys and other sensitive data. In other words, even if you will be equipped with enterprise business secrets stolen or lost laptop accidentally, and not have the legal status of those who have the same access to the data which can not be obtained.

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Greatest Security Risks to a Wide Area Network

Greatest Security Risks to a Wide Area Network

Internet security is a division of measures meant for securing data and crucial information on your PC, while transferring links to them online. Since just about anyone can easily access your PC when online, one can secure their data and privacy by installing a firewall security and antivirus program. Firewall program adds a level of protection, which is not provided by antivirus protection alone. Filtering network packets determine whether to send them along with their destination. It allows users to control information been entered thus leaving your computer to enable required parameters for best protection. As a whole, a firewall product protects a trusted network from risky networks.

The Firewall software program is precisely installed on a computer and must be configured the right way to be more effective and dynamic.

It will only allow connections that originate from the inside network. For example, an internal user can connect to an outside FTP server, but an outside user cannot connect to an internal FTP server because it would have to originate the connection. Remember intrusion detection software won’t protect your PC from viruses or spyware, so it’s imperative to install antivirus firewall software.

Harmful threats can downgrade business reputation of your system thus different types of cyber security breaches lead to great destruction of what one might be aware of. Following are a few benefits of installing a cyber security system as mentioned below:

- Firewall protection ensures an unauthorized internet user and disables those reaching private networks when connected to internet. Firewall is the midpoint, which checks entering or leaving of data on intranet. Each packet is examined and allowed to pass through specific security criteria.

- Firewall security bans unauthorized access to networks and allows access of authorized communications.

- It is among the best suitable way out to seek protection against virus, Trojans and malwares, which can repeatedly continue interfering and damaging connections to internet or network.

- Generally a dynamic firewall successfully manages and controls the inbound and outbound traffic online.

It’s imperative to keep your virus protection definition up-to-date or configure the software to update automatically. This is among the safest and most efficient methods to keep track over a network on a regular basis. If you do it manually, you need to be diligent and check for updates daily. It is absolutely critical to make sure your definitions are current. Any failure to protect computers may mean failure to guard your business identity, which may ultimately bring all sorts of trouble for any person.

Common Considerations Of Network Security Software For Business

Common Considerations Of Network Security Software For Business
The Internet and networking world of today is one That is filled with an amazing amount of advancements and capabilities provid That all offering an incredible product. For Quite Some time, this encounter countless Been Something Businesses That Have Been very Reliant upon and encounter an incredible Allowed for Ability of service offerings That Are Also filled with a Large amount of threats. As this is a Large and Growing Concern of Businesses today, there is definitely the need to understand the features of network security software for Any Business.

Quite often Businesses rely very heavily on their networking systems to remain connected to one Another as well as their information ensur That gateway is neither safe nor CPT Possible at all times. This only Will Increase importance over time as Businesses Become more and more dependent upon Finding the Necessary information systems required for further enhancement and overall advancement. Thus, one broke ensur Should keep their network as safe as Possible at all times. With network services, there Are Truly an incredible level of threats That Exist today qual compromise security and Makes for an overall Growing and Large Issue to overcome. The Marketplace of security suites and systems is robust in offering Rather Offer and all up and Promise varying degrees of Success in providing top notch security. Thus, Quite often is in overall very Serious consideration as well.

A network security software system is usually Able to provid an incredible firewall configuration. In essence, this firewall is Outside Able to help keep intruders out of the network to compromise information and data sharing. There are varying strengths That Are Found Within this Issue firewall Which Makes Appeal for an overall amazing.

Most of thes systems Also Offer up an incredible auditing function ensures qual That one is Able to keep their system safe and PROTECTED nor at all times as Possible. This is very fundamental in the EU That Should broke and constantly updated on the upgrade Scale for new threats That Could became present. Thus, ensur this is the case with the software That system selected for use.

Scanning and testing is Also Very Important in this process. For the MOST part, any software system selected provid Should an incredible amount of vulnerability testing Which Provides a very robust and diverse offering in Finding Out What Its own weaknesses are. Thus, this ensures it That Keeps Itself and the network safe at Any Given Time.

Things You Need to Know about Network Security

Things You Need to Know about Network Security

Network security is one of the most important things that a lot of organizations should consider in order to ensure the safety of the data being transmitted in and out of the organization's network.

There are several medias on where data can be transmitted on and the most common if LAN cables. LAN cables are basically copper wires wherein data are being transmitted through electrical signals. This is the most common because it is the most affordable media.

Another is fiber optic cabling wherein the data are transmitted as light pulses. This way they may be able to reach the destination faster than any other type of cabling.

The next media is one of the most vulnerable ones and it is through a wireless network. If the people who have set the organization's wireless network are not that very particular with the security then they are risking the organization's data and information.

It is like they are sharing the company's sensitive information to anyone who can access the wireless network.

Internet is also another way to communicate data from one office to another. Internet serves as the companies' platform in their exchange of information. Internet is also being used to send and receive an email which is very common especially to large companies.

One of the basic things that the company can do in order to secure their network is by implementing a password. This way, only the authorized persons will be able to gain access to the network itself.

With the today's technology, hackers are becoming more and more powerful especially when they use sophisticated gadgets and software in hacking.

That is why it is very important that whenever you establish a network you take into consideration its security and make sure that no one else has access to it except only the authorized people.


3g Network Camera Into The Core Of Family Security

3g Network Camera Into The Core Of Family Security
3G network camera (3G Camera) using the latest 3G mobile communication technology, for home, small business or industry-specific needs of the user monitoring application designed and implemented a simple installation, flexible operation, cost-effective mobile video surveillance equipment. 3G 3G network camera wireless Internet access through 3G networks, 3G wireless Internet access is divided into two forms of external and internal, external 3G Modem with USB port to connect to the camera, according to the local 3G network standard, flexible replacement, while the built-in 3G Modem is more stable and reliable 3G network camera simply insert the SIM card can be used on.

3G network cameras different from traditional IP cameras, which not only provides Internet access through the way of more creative channels to provide a 3G video phone monitoring methods. This way, you use an ordinary 3G phone, without having to install software, just make a video phone, video camera in real-time surveillance video showed immediately in front, so that monitoring becomes very simple. The biggest advantage of 3G network camera is the user is always online, if there is police intelligence, the camera will automatically set back the 3G mobile phone number, you answer by pressing a button, panoramic view of any situation. Audio channels using the video phone, 3G network cameras can also monitor the function of site, monitor the site easier for you to understand the situation.
In addition, the camera pan and tilt control, four zoom control, remote video, mobile video record of a visit, maximum security and disarm mobile phone, mobile phone number filtering, access password protection, external sensors and other features that make 3G network camera into the core of surveillance equipment.
Video, wireless accessories trigger the alarm, the alarm can be reversed to produce 3G mobile phone number has been preset, allowing users to immediately see the scene monitoring the situation, the user can at any time through the 3G mobile phone maximum security and disarm
System function

Characteristics of 3G Network Camera: Zero-configuration; Fully mobilesurveillance; High qualitypictures; Secure access
Security Alarm: Video of wireless accessories alarm can be reversed to produce the alarm has been the default number of 3G mobile phones, allowing users to immediately see the scene monitoring the situation, the user can at any time through the 3G mobile phone maximum security and disarm
3G mobile video phone monitoring: with traditional remote video surveillance system with different IP, 3G network cameras will monitor the video via 3G video telephony channels (rather than data channel) to a 3G phone, any of a 3G mobile phone, without having to install software, you can connected via 3G video telephony features real-time surveillance video.
Internet IP Monitoring: G dial-up Internet, and use DDNS technology, users can easily access the 3G network over the Internet camera

Top 5 Secrets to Secure Wireless Computer Network

Top 5 Secrets to Secure Wireless Computer Network

Communication is the vital art which humanity has developed in the course of evolution and ‘computer and networking has brought precision, consistence and seamlessness’ in this art, and there is no exaggeration in saying so. On broad context you often use the term ‘Information technology’ to encompass all software and hardware ensembles, and it has become supportive for all work domains transcending performance and output for a better and smarter planet. Advent of remote sensing is a milestone which accentuated the mode of sharing and communication. Nowadays, you can create a wireless home network to share PCs, printer, Internet access and other resources in a hassle-free manner. But before you make it live don’t forget to secure it against any unauthorized access.

You can avail Computer Support from equipment manufacturers as well as from third-party vendors to setup, install, configure and secure your wireless connection.

Most of the time the support is available over the phone or through the secure Internet connection, and experts can remotely do all settings and troubleshooting on demand. Knowledgebase and user-manual of manufacturer can be of great help in accomplishing all such tasks. Lets’ see how to secure a wireless computer network:

1. Install a firewall

A firewall as you know isolates your network from outside world while permitting you smooth access to data, resources and network stuffs. It comes built-in with security software or with the hardware appliances, and sometimes can be a blend.

It either denies or allows outgoing traffic known as egress filtering or incoming traffic known as ingress filtering.

2. Change default administrator passwords and usernames

The network or router password /username should be changed after the setup and installation, as bad-guys can easily unveil those default settings via the Internet, and may get unwanted access.

3. Turn on compatible encryption Latest wireless routers come with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption technology, and you can choose the desired level of encryption to secure electronic communication.

4. Change the default network name

Manufacturer of wireless router offers Service Set Identifier (SSID), a name by which different network components communicate with each other. You must change this information after the network setup to shield it against any unauthorized access.

5. Activate address filtering

A wireless router is designed to communicate with those network components whose Media Access Control (MAC) addresses are in sync with the input information, thereby making the network secure from any unidentified devices. You should keep the feature enabled. Also, disable the SSID feature as its make your system vulnerable and anyone with your PC's Network Administrator credential can get the access to your shared data. Hopefully, the enunciated information will help you to secure your wireless network connection. Being a novice, navigating to online computer support service is a good idea. Experts will make sure that every setting is done as per the standard and specification of your router device.

They can also help you to equip your computer or server with a desired Internet security software and configure the firewall feature of your system software. However, if you experience any virus and spyware related issues with your system or network, online computer helpservice can scan, diagnose and remove culprit entity in a quick and easy way to secure your digital world.

Make Your Internet World Safe with Network Security Firewalls

Make Your Internet World Safe with Network Security Firewalls

With the increase of internet usage the whole world is now connected in a single node. This has brought the whole world closer, and the modes of communication have become much easier. While internet makes life fast and easy, it also brings great panic among users worldwide because of the danger of virus and hackers attacks that always interrupts our online world; and with this, we have to face a lot of difficulties.

However, with the help of network security tools, a user can easily find many ways to stay protected while extracting their online functions. You must have come across the term, “firewalls.” But do you know what a firewall is and how it is helpful in providing the best internet security? Let us learn something about the functionalities of firewalls and their various roles in providing cyber security:

A firewall is an essential part of your system that is designed to block unauthorized access and permitting only the authorized one so that your information should remain confined to limited persons only.

It is usually an in-built window which is made more efficient and effective with the help of network security tools.

A firewall is a network management software that inspects the types of incoming and outgoing traffic passing through your server. The cyber security tools acts as a bridge for the firewalls so that it can communicate with the internal and external traffic and allow only authorized traffic to settle in. You must know the configuration of the firewalls since there are many duplicate internet security tools available in the website which can make the firewalls of your computer weak and vulnerable. You must also keep in mind that your hardware too is very sensitive and so should not download such tools that will adversely affect your hard drives.

The basic functionality of the firewall is the prevention of the unauthorized from accessing your private information especially through intranet, which are internet protocols where the employees are restricted to some site that are related to organization information. Apart from that, it has the capacity to run a performance test to find any bugs or errors and alert you to find the solution. Also, if you go through any attachments and the firewall and find the spam in it, it will directly notify you and will restrict the same.

Now, let us go through the different techniques to provide network security firewalls:

1- Packet Filter- It checks each packet passing through the network and accepts or declines it according to user-defined rules. It is very effective and transparent but not is applicable to IP spoofing.

2- Application gateway- It applies security guidelines for specific applications, most common being FTP and Telnet server and is effective only for some applications.

3- Proxy Server- By checking all incoming and outgoing mails in the network, it acts as a barrier between the internal and external traffic and restricts unauthorized users.

Therefore, with the help of network security firewalls, you can stay away from security threats and make your networks more secured. It is a very effective software if installed and used perfectly.

BEL Network Integration & Support is a Leading Network Consulting and Network Security Practice and Services Company

BEL Network Integration & Support is a Leading Network Consulting and Network Security Practice and Services Company

Network security starts from authenticating the user, commonly with a username and a password. Since this requires just one thing besides the user name, i.e. the password which is something you ‘know’, this is sometimes termed one factor authentication. With two factor authentication something you ‘have’ is also used (e.g. a security token or ‘dongle’, an ATM card, or your mobile phone), or with three factor authentication something you ‘are’ is also used (e.g. a fingerprint or retinal scan).

Once authenticated, a firewall enforces access policies such as what services are allowed to be accessed by the network users. Though effective to prevent unauthorized access, this component may fail to check potentially harmful content such as computer worms or Trojans being transmitted over the network. Anti-virus software or an intrusion prevention system (IPS) helps detect and inhibit the action of such malware. An anomaly-based intrusion detection system may also monitor the network and traffic for unexpected (i.e. suspicious) content or behavior and other anomalies to protect resources, e.g. from denial of service attacks or an employee accessing files at strange times. Individual events occurring on the network may be logged for audit purposes and for later high level analysis. Communication between two hosts using a network could be encrypted to maintain privacy.

Honeypots, essentially decoy network-accessible resources, could be deployed in a network as surveillance and early-warning tools as the honeypot will not normally be accessed. Techniques used by the attackers that attempt to compromise these decoy resources are studied during and after an attack to keep an eye on new exploitation techniques.

Such analysis could be used to further tighten security of the actual network being protected by the honeypot.

Network Integration and Network Integration Services

Security Management for networks is different for all kinds of situations. A small home or an office would only require basic security while large businesses will require high maintenance and advanced software and hardware to prevent malicious attacks from hacking and spamming.

Server Data Backup procedure

Professional help should be sought because the data within computers is not always stored in files that are visible or locations that are known. For example, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express store data of received, sent and deleted emails in databases and the layman would usually not know the location of these databases. Similarly other software that you might be using could also have their own databases that are stored in specific locations. When you call in your IT and Computer Network Specialist, they will make a short study of how data in your organization is accumulated, frequency of addition of new data or change of data, what kind of data is accumulated, what software is being used and where and how the data is stored. With these details, they can create and implement a data backup plan.

Mock Drills

If a data backup plan has been implemented, it is a good idea to create a mock data recovery drill once every six months or so. The importance of having a mock drill is to find out the effectiveness of the data backup plan. At the end of the drill, you should have been able to recover at least 85% to 90% of the data that was supposed to have been destroyed. Additionally, after the drill, the effected computer(s) should be 100% operational.

You might wonder why 85 to 90% data recovery and not 100%. Unless disaster struck your computer or computer network immediately after the last data backup,  there will always a time lag between the last windows server backup, Computer Disaster Recovery and the computer or computer network failing. During this time lag, data might have been added or changed. It is this data that might be lost. Again, there are ways and means of recovering even this lost data – but leave that to your IT and Networking Support company because it takes special tools and know-how to recover this lost data.

For more information, please call BEL Network Integration & Support, LLC (BELNIS) a Networking Support Company and Backup Storage Solutions Company at (804) 796-2631. BELNIS has a 21-year track record for providing quality solutions to business establishments and government offices throughout Richmond & Tri-Cities area in the State of Virginia, USA.

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Network Camera ? A New Age Security Product

Network Camera ? A New Age Security Product
A Network Camera is also known as an IP Camera that helps to stream and capture live video images over an IP system directly. Each of then have their own IP address and other features that are built-in within a web server. The primary advantage of network camera is that they allow remote recording, viewing and video handling from almost anywhere. You just need video management software tools or a web server. For instance, this technology allows us to scan through a particular camera set up in New York, through a computer with internet access situated at UK. The name i.e. Network Camera is derived from the fact that the images recorded in the camera can be viewed over an IP network.

The IP network is one of the most frequent used networks for data transmission and communication. We use them regularly from our residences or offices, by receiving and sending mails and browsing the internet. The presence of an IP network in most homes and corporate complexes makes the installation of network cameras cost-effective and easy. Any location is good enough for its installation as long as its signals can be traced and well navigated well.

Owing to the threats of security that may result from unforeseen human attacks, social unrest, infrastructural malfunctioning it has become imperative to invest in a network camera in today’s IT driven era. Network cameras have gained prominence over the past few years owing to its numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows:-

There is a possibility to access numerous remote locations being seated a central area. This makes the system cost-effective.
There is remote access to recorded and live images from any location you want and at any time
The cameras have in built advanced features that enables in efficient security operations to be carried on
The installation cost is less because it utilizes the communication networks that are already in use. Hence, this also leads to less cable requirements
The video systems within the camera have high-end features that minimize the resources and time required for organizing, maintaining and monitoring a video system.

Presently, the new age service providers in network camera has come up with various product variants, such as the PoE cameras, Mega Pixel Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, Outdoor/Indoor Cameras, PTZ cameras and many others.

Increase Network Security With Windows 2008 Server Hosting

Increase Network Security With Windows 2008 Server Hosting
As a direct result of internet and virtualization technologies, Windows 2008 server hosting is here to stay. As a entire, the server infrastructure is much more reliable than some Windows servers from the past. Businesses especially benefit from Windows 2008 server hosting because of the reality that they're saving both time and income. The server provides a platform which is dynamic and permits for optimization. Virtualization tools, advanced security attributes and enhanced internet resources are all built into the server. Web management tasks are far better controlled with Windows Server Manager technologies as well as the advanced security features add an additional layer of protection to data.

The virtualization tools on the server enable users to utilize and virtualize more than one operating system on a single server. Windows 2008 servers are fully capable of supporting and running operating systems including Windows, Unix, Linux and Fedora. This opens up the server to a broader marketplace and gives companies more room to grow. Licensing policies had been created far more flexible with this server giving users a lot of chance to take full advantage of the virtualization advantages and price savings. VPN is no longer needed as a way to disperse applications, adding to the servers convenience and security. Datacenters housed on the server might be stored, modified and increased with out interference. This is specifically welcoming to growing business.

A typical thread amongst all businesses will be the will need for security. The Windows 2008 server allows for possibly a number of the most secured hosting networks from Windows to date. The actual server comes equipped with Read-Only Domain Controller, Network Access Protection and Federal Rights Management. These applications assist to single handedly protect data stored on the server, the network and ultimately the company. The Network Access Protection alone adds an unprecedented level of security. Computers that do not comply with companies security policies are isolated. Compliance checking is continual. Network restriction and remediation is provided.

Several web resources are granted with Windows 2008 server hosting. The server uses IIS7 technology to simplify the management of the internet server. Management of the interface and cross website control is created simpler. By taking advantage of the offered internet resources, data might be shared quickly and far more securely.

Social networking sites 'a threat to home security'

Social networking sites 'a threat to home security'

The importance of having burglar alarms installed may be greater for people who are keen users of social networking sites, it has been suggested.

Writing in the Sun, reformed burglar Richard Taylor, who is now a church minister, said "canny" thieves check sites such as Facebook and Twitter when sizing up which properties to target.

The home security of those who announce they are heading away for a trip and leaving their residences unattended is therefore compromised.

He remarked: "People put all kinds of information on Facebook, including their address and mobile number. A burglar just has to call your mobile and if there's an international ring tone they know you are away."

The 35-year-old father of four added: "These days everyone is Twitter-mad, I use it myself. But putting information that anyone can see on the internet leaves you vulnerable to a break-in."

In addition to burglar alarms, there are a number of other home security measures that can be adopted, Mr Taylor pointed out.

According to the minister, purchasing a safe can be a good idea.

In addition, having dog is an effective deterrent.

He stated: "A dog is great for putting off burglars ... I never burgled a house with a dog in it because there's a fear of what it might do."

The former criminal also noted that it is pointless hiding valuables in places such as bedroom drawers as such areas will be raided during break-ins. The same goes for wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and even fridges, he claimed.

As a general rule, security experts advise consumers not to post important personal information such as addresses and phone numbers on social networking sites.

Also, it is also not recommended for people to announce they are going on holiday if this means they are leaving their properties unattended.

Fast And Secure Networks To Benefit Your Business

Fast And Secure Networks To Benefit Your Business
Nearly every business in the western world depends on information and communication technology in this modern age. Nearly every industry, from manufacturing to administration all depend somehow on computers. Any failure in a companies computer system can result in a considerable decrease in earnings. Hence, it is crucial that companies look after their equipment to a good standard but additionally make use of the very latest fast and secure network provisions. This should make sure the company can function without disruptions or loss of income.

A tremendous tool in acquiring a quick and secure network is a virtual private network using multiprotocol label switching or MPLS VPN . A virtual private network facilitates a business to establish a safe network that's only accessible by its employees within a public network for example the internet. Instead of a company being forced to develop its own costly network of telephone cables in an effort to share data between locations or employees, MPLS VPN facilitates businesses to use the internet in sharing the data but make sure that information is also secure. This is extremely useful for a business which runs a variety of regional offices as well as its head office or has staff in distant locations. The MPLS system also permits virtual links to be produced amongst nodes within a network. This lessens the amount and complexity of data traffic used, therefore lowering business expenses.

Another useful tool in company communications is UK voice over IP or VOIP UK which allows voice communications over the internet as an alternative to using traditional landlines. The benefits of the VOIP UK system are significant. For starters, costs are substantially decreased by using broadband for voice calls as opposed to needing an independent land line for voice calls. The VOIP UK system provides a substantially higher level of security than that provided by landlines. This system can be implemented both over a local network with the company property and over the wider internet. Voice calls using a computer system give a new dimension of stability and security for any business communications and can greatly lessen expenses and complications.

The majority of businesses would be not able to operate should their information and communication systems crash. Networks are some of the most crucial systems that businesses operate today, both internal and external to the business. MPLS VPN allows efficient and secure networks to be run outside the companys own internal network using the pre-existing infrastructure. A VOIP UK system also permits businesses to communicate vocally, in a safe manner, within distinct locations. The two networks combined offer a business an extremely sophisticated level of dependability and safety whilst simultaneously lowering company costs.

How to Secure Your Bluetooth Networks and Devices

How to Secure Your Bluetooth Networks and Devices

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which enable devices between short distances to share files. These devices include mobile phones, computers and earphones. This wireless technology provides many advantages such as its ability to transfer files up to 1 megabit per second (the second version can transfer files as fast as 3 megabits per second) and it is also inexpensive making it a viable solution to anyone who needs to transfer files quickly without the need of cables. So how do you keep your network secure? Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Configure your device so that you have to approve any user connection requests. Changing the settings will vary from device to device but most devices with a GUI should have a settings page which will enable you to change the security level of your network.

2. Always turn your Bluetooth network OFF whenever its not in use.


If possible, install antivirus or antispyware software on your device to minimize the chances of infection on your device.

4. Know your enemy. How do people access your networks without your consent? Some extreme programs enables the perpetrator to view your files, text messages and even control your phone when they have gained access through bluetooth. Always look around to make sure there is no one suspicious when you are transferring important files through any wireless networks.

5. Ensure a PIN is set up when you are transferring files with another person. Most devices in default mode will ask you to include a PIN when connecting with other bluetooth enabled devices.

Things To Think About When Choosing Network Security Software

Things To Think About When Choosing Network Security Software
Since the internet was discovered, a lot has changed including the way business is conducted. Generally, businesses are the biggest beneficiaries of this technology. Businesses are using this technology to reach millions of consumers situated in different parts of the world. The internet has made shopping online a preference for many since it's more convenient. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet came a lot of criminal activities with criminals hacking other people's computer systems. Network security software therefore is very important.

Among the disadvantages of the internet is the possibility that ones system can be hacked into. It may not always be possible to know how these hackers have access into the system. It is also sometimes almost impossible to tell the original source. The good thing is that if a good application is installed, the system can be protected from harm. Experts recommend an application that can check for problems, as well as offer the relevant cure.

When purchasing the application, one should make sure that it has a simple installation capability. The application should be able to check for threats and eliminate them. Experts recommend the use of an application that can scan all types of files in the computer. The application should have the ability to assist in directory search of files. In addition, the application should have the capability to scan everything in the computer for all kinds of threats in ports, users and so on.

It is also advisable to use a standardized type of protection. This simply means that the protection application should work with any operating system. This also means that the protection should detect all kinds of threats in most of the operating systems that exist as well as provide viable solution. In addition, it should provide complete solutions without the need of installing additional protection. This application should offer complete protection at an affordable price.

When connecting several computers to a central server, the security of the computers should be enhanced. The computers should have some kind of protection before they are allowed to share network. Apart from ensuring that the computers are protected, the source of the system should also be protected. Protecting the server is quite beneficial in many ways. Having a centralized protection helps protect all computers at once.

The defence mechanism used for the whole system is much stronger than that which is used for one single computer. In case of any threats, the centralized defence system will fight them off. These threats will not get passage into any computer at all. Single user security system may not have the power to fight many threats at once.

There are two major benefits to installing the application on the server. One benefit is that this sure saves a lot since there will be no need of installing the application on each computer. The other benefit is that the main defence unit protects all computers from harm collectively.

Installing an application on each computer is not advisable especially if there is a centralized system. The reason is that individual applications can slow down the processor of the system. Having centralized network security software not only protects all computers but also saves money.

Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?

Denver Network Security Are Hackers Putting Your Business In Danger?
With the Wiki Leaks drama as of late, it seems that there is a lot of speculation circulating as regard to who's at risk, what can be done, and who to turn to for support to prevent these kind of information disasters. That's where finding a reputable IT support company that provides excellent Denver network security services comes in! Most good IT support companies offer a variety of services to address information security that include disaster recovery, internet security, network security and other data protection services for the everyday small business.

With fear comes rash decisions however (exactly what hackers want). Look to avoid some of the many scares that are crippling businesses and causing them to over spend. For example, see this recent email I received from our tenant regarding just this issue, and QeH2 Partner Ian Holt's thoughts following...

WARNING: Internet usage and DoS attacks

With the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange the largest hacker group in the world right now (Known as "Anonymous") is doing major attacks on many financial institutions like Paypal and Mastercard and internet providers like Amazon. These attacks also known as DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are usually performed by sending out massive amounts of malware which hijacks people's machines and disseminates the attack from unknowing victims machines. Occasionally these malware include Trojans and worms which will damage your machine.

As an added precaution beyond normal virus and malware protection we want all of our customers to know about this and would ask that you limit internet usage over the next three days to curtail any hijacking of your equipment. By all means, do not stop using the internet altogether but please limit your usage as much as possible for the next three days. The government is fighting back against these hackers and the major companies are working on patches to block the malware dissemination but it will take time.

I sent this to my Partner and friend Ian, he replied with the following....

"This sounds like a hoax. It's not like there is a limited amount of internet to go around. If you try to access one of the websites they attack it will be slower, but your internet usage will not affect nor increase your ability to be attacked or hijacked.

The government does fight back against hackers, the FBI has 1 (that's ONE) cybercrime expert in the state of Colorado and he's woefully behind the times. Private companies being attacked will update their security policies and block offending traffic and may experience a few hours of downtime until they control their own sites.

Erroneous parts of this email include - The Paypal BLOG site was down, not paypal. Amazon is NOT an internet provider, they are an online retailer.

This whole thing reeks of cyberhoax."

Hopefully this proves as an example that you never know what to believe, especially given the various sources. Someone played a simple hoax here but the results can and will be lost productivity, etc. When a question comes up just contact your local Denver network security company or your IT support technician, that's what we're here for!

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Why Network Security Is Important For Your Business

Why Network Security Is Important For Your Business
With so much work being done and stored on computers, network security should be a priority for all businesses. Everything from customer information and corporate secrets to other important data are stored on and transmitted via computer networks, so it's no wonder that the temptation for criminals to break in to your network is great.

In reality, the threat of network intrusion is real, no matter what the size of your business. For example, smaller businesses, thinking that their networks may not pose as much of a temptation, may have less secure networks and thus leave them open to attack.

Imagine what your company would have to lose if a criminal were to breach your computer network. They may have access to your personnel files, your customer files, credit card numbers, and confidential financial information. The havoc a criminal could cause with just one of these pieces of information is almost unthinkable.

How to Secure Your Network

One part of securing a network is ensuring that the network is built to be secure. When building a business network, a network architect should determine how best to secure the network, whether that network is a small network for a small business or one that has to integrate into part of a huge global enterprise network. Building a secure network starts with choosing the network equipment, including firewalls, routers, and switches.

A much larger part of network security is creating policies that ensure your network is secure by allowing only certain people to use the network for prescribed purposes only. Only allowing authorized users access to a computer network by logging in keeps unknown people from getting in. Likewise, having password policies that require a strong password and teaching users of your network not to share those passwords with unauthorized users also helps to keep a network safe.

Additional tips include:

*Identify what could possibly tempt an attack. By taking inventory of what your company's data assets are and taking steps to protect those assets by securing your network, you help to ensure your company's data is safe.

*Institute policies that keep your computers safe while being used by authorized user, such as preventing or limiting downloads or unauthorized browsing.

*Keep users aware of the simple things they can do like changing their password regularly, not writing down their password, and not giving their password out to anyone.

Taking the steps above helps to protect your business not only from intrusion but also from downtime due to malware infections, which can adversely affect your company's bottom line.

Importance of Network Security to secure Online Business activities

Importance of Network Security to secure Online Business activities

Most of our confidential documents and files today remain stored in our personal computers or laptops. Resources related to our business strategies, annual reports, sales and revenue report, future prospective etc remains stored in the computer. Internet has become the backbone of the corporate world now. Majority of the business information are transmitted over the internet. But the internet is no more a safe tool to carry on transactions easily. Identity theft has become a common issue of concern which has endangered the free flow of information over the internet, network security has become inevitable.

Network frauds have increased a lot. We often share a lot of our personal identifiable information over the internet while accessing our credit card, applying for loans or insurance, online marketing etc. This information is often accessed freely by others who can steal your personal identifiable information to carry on various wrongful activities.

They can even unveil your password to access your other vital documents easily.

Some of the ways which can lead to data violation are as follows

1.  Insider Mistakes
2.  Malicious Insiders
3.  Outsider attacks etc

There are different ways to protect your Network Security

1.  Effective firewall
2.  Encryption technologies
3.  Use anti- virus or anti- spyware protection
4.  Updating software and browsers with security patches
5.  Collecting information about latest network security measures and changing your password frequently

With the help of new technology it is possible to secure the business networking system. Among all the above mentioned processes data encryption is the most effective way for network security. This is used to protect the personal information stored in various external devices. Understanding the encryption technology is important to use it effectively for network security.

Here are few steps to carry on the encryption process successfully

1.  Identity the data that needs to be encrypted , based on its importance
2.  Determine the lifetime of the information
3.  Select the appropriate encryption technology
4.  Set policies and Procedures
5.  Encryption key access criteria should be identified
6.  Install the encryption technology
7.  Form key Escrow Mechanisms and keys

Following these simple ways will help in carrying out the business networking successfully and share information freely.

Helpgurus: Providing Help And Support For Network Security

Helpgurus: Providing Help And Support For Network Security

Computer security is a complex issue that must be addressed to avoid abuse of users network from hackers and other unauthorized access.

People nowadays are connected to the Internet and their network is open to the public unless it is protected by a firewall. Networks that are connected to the Internet are susceptible to virus infection and malicious attacks from hackers.

Computers that are infected with viruses cause them to malfunction and slow down their performance resulting to lengthy downtime. Also if hackers can break into their computer network, they will be able to steal vital information from the user.

So it is only fitting to ask computer help and support from the experts such as HelpGurus. Their Microsoft Help and Support specialists provide network security services like setting up a firewall and installing vital antivirus software applications to computers.

The Help and Support Company will configure firewall settings that will block uninvited visitors while allowing remote access to authorized users and services.

Their computer tech support personnel can install firewall applications that provide a host of other highly developed features such as spam filtering and the ability to block specific applications (e.g. instant messaging) to further boost protection and restrict users within the home or office.

With firewall installed; highly sensitive information such as corporate file records, management and accounts data are protected while configuring firewall can only allows access for those who are authorized.

On the other hand, for computers that are infected with viruses, HelpGurus help desk support staff can search and remove every virus, adware, and spyware that may have went into the computer. Their help and support specialists will install a licensed antivirus application to provide computers with security measures against online threats.

With HelpGurus help desk support for network security, users are assured of a safe online surfing.

To get computer help, call 1-888-224-3035 or visit HelpGurus Help Desk Support at for further information.

Massive waste forces higher premium rates

The Institute of Medicine has just issued a new report on the level of waste in the health care industry. We pause for a moment to draw breath. The latest figure for waste in 2011 was $750 billion. No matter how you cut it, this is a quite amazing number. When looking at the size of the health care service, it's reasonable to think our doctors might make a few misjudgments and order one or two unnecessary tests, or overorder devices. But wasting this amount of money. To give you an idea of the scale, the budget to run the Department of Defense in 2010 was $663 billion. So our doctors managed to waste more money than we spend on defending the country. Let's slightly change the comparison. Both directly and through insurance plans, we paid $8,000 a head for our medical care in 2011. That's more than double the average spent in the other developed countries and all the indicators show they get a better service.

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine reports doctors spent $210 billion on unnecessary tests. Although some doctors attempt to justify the barrage of tests as defensive medicine, i.e. out of fear they may be sued unless they can show they took even unreasonable care when diagnosing the patient, it's actually dishonest. Exactly the same thing is happening in the manipulation of the codes to give the appearance of propriety when billing for higher amounts. In the same way we go through our credit card statements to ensure there are no unexpected debits, we should be going through all our medical bills to make sure we are not being asked to pay for services not delivered.

We should accept our health care service is broken and look to the health insurance industry to step into the breach and protect policyholders from having to pay unreasonably high bills. One of the justifications for higher health insurance rates is the additional administrative work insurers have to do on our behalf. Well protecting our interests should be their number 1 priority.

An amazingly blatant fraud?

The world is sometimes an extraordinary place. Indeed, so bizarre are some of the stories you pick up in the news, it's as if you somehow have just woken up on Mars. Of course, we are all familiar with the massive amount of fraud which costs us more than $1 billion dollars a year. There are now major gangs at work, pooling resources through the offices of professionals to give themselves the necessary air of respectability. Sadly, some doctors and attorneys have been seduced on to the dark side by the sheer volume of money to be made by staging accidents and claiming major amounts of damages for fictitious injuries. Although the FBI has a unit dedicated to investigating this type of fraud, they are few and the criminals are many. At state level, there are major funding deficits and local law enforcement does not place a high priority on the investigation of crimes where no one is physically injured. What we might call "white collar crime" committed by professionals is very rarely investigated.

This explains why a civil case is big news in Texas. It seems a wealthy man recently bought a Bugatti. This piece of luxury on wheels has a price tag somewhere around $1 million and is somewhat visible. Shortly after buying it, he paid for comprehensive insurance, alleging its value to be $2.2 million - obviously he had fitted gold-plated dohickeys in its special places. Three weeks later, this magnificent machine ended up in a lagoon. Our driver claims he swerved to avoid hitting a pelican. Pause for a moment here and consider the effect of large birds hitting beautiful cars or vice versa. Anyway, the civil suit says the insurer has video supplied by witnesses, apparently showing the insured driving directly into the lagoon without the aid of a bird.

Auto insurance quotes are higher than they should be because insurers are rarely motivated to investigate fraud. This time, it seems, they have the evidence. We wait the trail's outcome with interest and hope it will signal a trend to keep auto insurance quotes lower.

Ipv6 Campus Network Of University Programs And Network Security Planning - Network Solutions -

Ipv6 Campus Network Of University Programs And Network Security Planning - Network Solutions -
Currently, the university's campus network based mainly on IPv4 networks, but, in many schools there is the campus network IPv4 network IP address shortage, QoS, security and other issues. Meanwhile, the university as a research base, and establish IPv6 network to promote the college teachers and students on campus on IPv6 Technology Research and practice, to seize the high ground of IPv6 technology also have pressing needs.

Ruijie IPv6 campus university launched Solutions , Follow to ensure the proper application of the existing IPv4 applications, network with scalability to maximize protection of existing investment and play network solutions to meet the technological advantages of IPv6 to support IPv4 and IPv6 services business exchange, well-designed network security plan consider IPv6 network user authentication and billing support for the principles of network construction, etc..

IPv6 campus network program Establish IPv6 campus network should be considered the main campus network upgrade to support IPv6 support both business and use of IPv6/IPv4 Network equipment To new campus construction either case, here are four options for reference.

Option One: tunnel mode, upgrade core to achieve IPv6 access speed
Applicable to: Campus network device does not exist in a large number of IPv4 IPv6 features, or can not upgrade to IPv6, fast networks are upgraded to IPv6 will take longer. IPv4 in order to protect investment is also necessary to add the user to use IPv6 services, can use this program.

Network mode: Upgrade focuses on the core layer. The existing IPv4 network without alteration, increase in the core business of a core of support IPv6 Switch (Ruijie RG-S8600) or replacement of existing core switches Ruijie RG-S8600.

Core switch to open dual stack functionality, up to connect IPv6 networks, down to open the ISATAP tunneling capabilities, open IPv6/IPv4 hosts can use ISATAP tunnel directly access the core switch.

The rest of the network devices do not have any change, the original IPv4 services running.

Program benefits: Only one to support IPv6 services to increase the core equipment, other equipment remains the same, to protect the original investment.

Simply open the ISATAP tunneling capabilities can quickly achieve IPv6 host campus network access. The new IPv6 users can normally Visit IPv6 networks and IPv6 services.

Original IPv4 business does not produce any change in normal operation. Users can directly access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 services.
Option Two: tunnel mode, upgrade the core and part of the gradual convergence to support IPv6

Applicable to: Order to gradually upgrade the existing IPv4 network into IPv6 network equipment in the original transformation of the core layer, based on the gradual convergence of the three devices for the replacement.

Network mode: Upgrade focused on convergence layer. Transformation of the original basis of the core layer, convergence of three-phase equipment for the replacement, you can layer together to replace the original three-switch RG-S5750 or RG-S3760 Dual-stack equipment. Convergence in the dual stack

switch and dual-stack core switches may also exist between the IPv4 network can be achieved using IPv6overIPv4 tunnel IPv6 connections. Core and aggregation switches to open dual stack capabilities, while the tunnel, such as manual configuration 6over4 IPv6 tunneling technology business in the existing IPv4 networks.

The rest of the network devices do not have any change, the original IPv4 services running.

Program benefits: The progressive realization of the transformation of the existing IPv4 network, together with the core part of equipment replacement, the entire network for the next step to achieve the deployment of IPv6 network basis.

Added together and the core may exist between the IPv4 network, through the open tunnel between the aggregation and core technology, the new IPv6 users can access IPv6 networks and IPv6 normal business.

Original IPv4 business does not produce any change in normal operation. Users can directly access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 services.
Option Three: dual stack mode, upgrade the core and part of the gradual convergence support IPv6

Applicable to: Part of the new model proposed to re-building support IPv6 operational core and aggregation layers, IPv4 forwarding services via the existing network, IPv6 forwarding business by the new core. In order to progressively upgrade the existing IPv4 network to IPv6 network, together with the new core to support IPv6, to increase access layer device interfaces connected to the new network.

Network mode: Added support for IPv6, the core layer of the core switch, aggregation or access layer for IPv4 replacement equipment can be brought together the original three-layer switch RG-S5750 to replace or RG-S3760's dual-stack equipment, direct connected to the dual stack core, and the deployment of IPv6 routing functions such as OSPFv3, IPv6 static routing. .

New dual stack aggregation / access switches and core switch to open new dual stack functionality. New convergence / access can be directly connected to the dual stack core, open the IPv6 routing, IPv6 to achieve some function of campus network upgrade.

Existing IPv4 services running. Program benefits: The progressive realization of the transformation of the existing IPv4 network, together with the core part of equipment replacement, the entire network for the next step to achieve the deployment of IPv6 network basis. IPv6 also opens the routing for the future of the entire network maintenance management experience accumulated IPv6 routing.

New IPv6 users can access IPv6 networks and IPv6 normal business.
Original IPv4 business does not produce any change in normal operation. Users can directly access
dual-stack IPv4 network and IPv4 services.
Programme 4: New IPv6 Network Applicable to: New IPv6 network, the whole network can be used to support the deployment of IPv6 equipment.

Network mode: New core layer, convergence layer full dual stack deployment of IPv6 routing, to achieve full network of IPv6.

Part of the business area can use the second floor to the desktop, access switches can use Fast or Gigabit to the desktop, convergence layer deployment RG-S5750, VRRP functionality to ensure redundancy. RG-S5750 to connect the core layer of RG-S8600 to open IPv4/IPv6 routing.

Part of the region can use Fast / Gigabit to the desktop model of the three-tier, gateway directly to the deployment of IPv6 dual stack in the access layer switch.

Program benefits:
Access layer and aggregation layer, aggregation layer and core layer on the joint realization of dual-link redundancy, aggregation layer, core layer device to achieve double-node node redundancy. Convergence layer device as a user access point gateway device, the gateway to achieve by running VRRP redundancy. Ensure high reliability of the IPv6 network.

The Changing Security Landscape with the Use of Network Cameras

The Changing Security Landscape with the Use of Network Cameras

Technology has changed the way we live and function. In today’s high tech world with so many conveniences, security is and will always remain a very big concern. People will always be susceptible to security breaches and criminal activities. With the protection of family, home and business becoming a growing concern, technology is taking a front seat. People are looking for best of breed video surveillance solutions, especially network cameras. There are a number of network cameras available suited to any requirements.

Network cameras provide you with a live feed through a computer or internet connection. This allows anyone to view the images or videos by logging into any computer device. People are not only looking for a cost-effective system, but also a reliable one that delivers the best performance. There are a number of benefits of using the network camera, the most important being the peace of mind of knowing you are in control. You can monitor your business, homes and facilities through the internet on your computer or 3G phone and from across the globe wherever you are. You no longer have to worry about the security of your family, whether you are working late or traveling.

Installing network cameras in the workplace, stores or parking lots has the added advantage that you can monitor them for any suspicious activities, theft or to simply know what the staff are doing. The assurance that your business and home are secure is a great relief. These Internet cameras do not require any external wiring as the routing goes through your computer; hence it is more cost effective. With a network camera you can cover a larger area compared to CCTV or other analog cameras, and, being of higher resolution, it gives better clarity and visibility.


No matter how secure you think your family and business are you cannot be monitoring your security 24/7. Network cameras are your source of reliable and cost effective security and can monitor every minute of every day. Because they need less maintenance and space they can be fixed in any place. Network cameras are the key to security.


Fast And Secure Networks To Benefit Your Business

Fast And Secure Networks To Benefit Your Business
Nearly every business in the western world depends on information and communication technology in this modern age. Nearly every industry, from manufacturing to administration all depend somehow on computers. Any failure in a companies computer system can result in a considerable decrease in earnings. Hence, it is crucial that companies look after their equipment to a good standard but additionally make use of the very latest fast and secure network provisions. This should make sure the company can function without disruptions or loss of income.

A tremendous tool in acquiring a quick and secure network is a virtual private network using multiprotocol label switching . A virtual private network facilitates a business to establish a safe network that's only accessible by its employees within a public network for example the internet. Instead of a company being forced to develop its own costly network of telephone cables in an effort to share data between locations or employees, MPLS VPN facilitates businesses to use the internet in sharing the data but make sure that information is also secure. This is extremely useful for a business which runs a variety of regional offices as well as its head office or has staff in distant locations. The MPLS system also permits virtual links to be produced amongst nodes within a network. This lessens the amount and complexity of data traffic used, therefore lowering business expenses.

Another useful tool in company communications is UK voice over IP or which allows voice communications over the internet as an alternative to using traditional landlines. The benefits of the VOIP UK system are significant. For starters, costs are substantially decreased by using broadband for voice calls as opposed to needing an independent land line for voice calls. The VOIP UK system provides a substantially higher level of security than that provided by landlines. This system can be implemented both over a local network with the company property and over the wider internet. Voice calls using a computer system give a new dimension of stability and security for any business communications and can greatly lessen expenses and complications.

The majority of businesses would be not able to operate should their information and communication systems crash. Networks are some of the most crucial systems that businesses operate today, both internal and external to the business. MPLS VPN allows efficient and secure networks to be run outside the companys own internal network using the pre-existing infrastructure. A VOIP UK system also permits businesses to communicate vocally, in a safe manner, within distinct locations. The two networks combined offer a business an extremely sophisticated level of dependability and safety whilst simultaneously lowering company costs.

Why Storage Area Network Management and Security are Important

Why Storage Area Network Management and Security are Important

If you are a network administrator, you may want to know why storage area network is so desirable. Although storage area network management can be a formidable task, if performed correctly, the results provide seamless operations for the users.

What is a Storage Area Network?

The storage area network, or SAN, is a specialized network designed for centralized storage of resources. Unlike attached devices, the SAN array allows each of the computer systems access to storage, as if it belonged to that specific computer. It is up to the administrator to know what types of computers are accessing the storage. This becomes important because Windows-based systems require different resources than do Unix-based systems. Another plus of using SAN is its ability to be easily up-scaled, which is accomplished by adding additional drives or drive arrays.

Since storage area network management also encompasses records management and data backup, having a centralized location makes these tasks simpler to perform.

In fact, replication of data, and/or entire drives, can typically be performed with very little loss in server response time. Some of the more desirable features of SAN are high quality of service, built-in redundancy allows operations to continue with component failure, the SAN can simultaneously accommodate various server platforms, costs are cut by purchasing a centralized set of high quality drives, and is easily up scaled as needed.

Storage Area Network Security is Crucial

Storage area network security is another facet of SAN management.

Clearly, managing a localized pool of drives is preferential to managing, possibly hundreds, of individual drives on the individual computer systems. Although, some SAN configurations may have mirrored locations, it is still simpler to secure two locations than the many satellite locations large networks employ.

Because the SAN is isolated from normal network traffic, network based threats do not put the stored data at risk. Moreover, because there is not a connection to the internet, DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks do not affect SAN operation. However, because of the availability of high speed internet, and virtual private networks, some companies have decided to operate their SAN via the internet. This choice makes storage area network security harder to maintain, and poses new challenges for the administrator. Furthermore, inside users (employees and/or consultants) can open the SAN to unintentional external intruders. Best security practices should always be implemented, and the use of authentication protocols is paramount in guarding against these types of security problems.

The author has expertise in storage area network management. His articles about Storage area network security show his extensive knowledge about the same.

Stop Intruders From Accessing Your Computer With Strong Network Security

Stop Intruders From Accessing Your Computer With Strong Network Security
Are you hungry? Order pizza over the internet and get it delivered within half an hour! But two decades ago it was just a dream to order pizza online. Now there are several online stores that are developed with an aim to serve you round the clock. We place the order online using our credit card and the pizza is delivered to our home. Yes, advancement of information technology has made it possible. But this also has negative impact as well. As more people are now enjoying the benefits of information technology, cases of cyber crimes are also increasing rapidly. Strong network security measures are the only solution to counter this evil.

Network security is the procedure of preventing and identifying unauthorized access of computer network. This means no one will be able to access any part of computer system over network without access permission. In this article we have discuss about some basic things to enhance your network security. For computer security you can consult a PC repair company.

Network Security could be classified in two general classes. The first one is the procedure to protect data as it transits a network while the second one is to control which packets may transit the network. For encrypting traffic between sites various procedures are used. Virtual Private Networks and Packet Level Encryption are two most popular approaches.

When it comes to Virtual Private Networks, here private network is constructed by using TCP/IP. For IP packet transmission, there are different kinds of links. Ethernet and Point-to-Point links are the most common one. At the time of designing a virtual private network, a prevailing TCP/IP connection is used for the lowest levels of the TCP/IP development. For secure data transfer, network designer can encrypt the connection at the physical layer. This means it gives an opportunity which data to allow and which one to block.

Traffic regulation is one of the most common forms of network security. It acts as a filter between hosts and remote sites. Routers, firewalls and hosts are three basic areas where these tasks are performed. Traffic regulation could be classifieds into three types such as Router traffic regulation, Firewall traffic regulation, and Host traffic regulation.

Modern day routers come with inbuilt security software. You need to configure the software for better network security. There are many online computer support companies that help the computer users to boost network security. They offer various services like wired and wireless network setup support / LAN Support, wireless router setup and configuration as well as assistance to manage network resources. Their services also include installation and configuration of Firewall, internet connection sharing and troubleshooting, installation of Network Operating System and troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

Network Security ? Protecting the Home Users, SMEs and Large Enterprises

Network Security ? Protecting the Home Users, SMEs and Large Enterprises

Nowadays, the computer and the Internet play huge roles in running businesses, whether it is at-home, small, medium or large enterprises. The computer and the Internet is used in marketing and presenting the products, studying the market, interacting with clients and most of all conducting transactions with clients or business partners.

With the great importance of Internet and computer in running any business, clearly there is a huge importance of securing the network particularly those networks where sensitive and important data has been stored. In fact, it is very common in every news headlines, publications or televisions that computer networks from different companies have suffered security breaches and that lead to huge losses in their financial and social status in the business world.

This is why it is important to have a network security service that not only checks the vulnerabilities in the system but also protect those vulnerabilities from being exploited, much better if the services can prevent any attack from ever happening to the company.

What do you think will happen when clients lost their important information when they were conducting business with you?

Yes, it is embarrassing but it is just the start. Since the system has been compromised you will have to pay huge amount of money just to fix the system, perform computer forensics, strengthen security and recover the stolen data. The company's reputation will be damaged and it could lead to loss of investments and customers which could lead to the company's downfall.

So how can an at-home, small, medium or large enterprise protect their networks?

In fact, the answer should never be hard because there are many ways to protect and secure computer networks. Some attacks that threaten most business are when hackers steal the credit card or personal information of the clients of the business or exploiting their social security numbers. So in order to prevent this from ever happening companies and institutions must perform a regular security audit on their system. Large companies and institutions like hospitals and universities are required to accomplish this task. However, there are some businesses that do not have the enough resources to perform this task and these are small and medium enterprises making them the most vulnerable to these attacks.

Since hackers will employ different means for them to breach or gain access to the company's system; companies must replicate all or at least most of those methods when auditing their security system. An audit on the system will check the vulnerabilities or weaknesses of the system's structure; this is what every security expert and digital computer forensics professional call as penetration testing. Penetration testing is all about isolating each security threat, whether it is mild, moderate or critical; furthermore, it is used to determine the best set of actions against each threat.

In a pen test, the key areas of the system have to be targeted to completely enforce the company's network security. It will help prevent any financial loss from frauds, hackers or extortionists or the lost of revenue because of unreliable business processes and systems. Not complying with the recommendation could possibly lead to loss of important data, penalties, bad reputation from the media and the public sector and ultimately losing the business. For the employees, it could mean losing the job and if a certain employee is the source of the problem, he or she would face prosecution and possibly land behind bars.

When it comes to regular home user or at-home businesses, there are a few basic details one has to accomplish, particularly if they have a wireless network system in their home. There are easy and effective ways to protect the network from hackers and other users who want to piggyback on the system.

Add security by changing the SSID or the name of the network. Disable SSID broadcast and DHCP Control Mac Address Filtering. Add more security in your system by adding WEP encryption to block other mechanisms and means of the hackers. And further improve your security by setting a random 10 characters pre-shared key to ensure that the network is safe and secured; locked by a random mix of numbers and also letters. Together with effective firewall and anti-virus software, at-home businesses can strengthen the security of their system, no need for any computer forensic course or any other security training, but it won't hurt to have them.

Car rental companies and the cultural shift away from ownership

Immediately after the end of World War II, we were seized with a sense of great confidence. It was as if anything was possible. Although we then dropped into the Cold War, we never really lost that sense of optimism. One of the ways in which we celebrated this positive sense of progress was by becoming a more materialistic society. Before the war, most people rented their homes and rarely bought large items like cars. After the War, employment was available to all, pay was good and credit became available. Suddenly, we could dream of ownership. Now fast-forward to modern times. We've had the official rate of unemployment stubbornly over 8% for three years now. In fact, the true rate is far higher, particularly among the young.

The result is that people in the age range of 20 to 34 are abandoning the idea of ownership. Mortgages are hard to find. Auto loans and credit cards are also difficult because many of the unemployed have large unpaid student loans and so weak credit scores. The culture is therefore shifting so the young adults stay home with their parents and only rent what they need. That way, they stay flexible in the face of uncertainty. This has produced a boom in car rental companies offering rental by the hour, a market sector dominated by young adults who have no money saved and little guaranteed disposable income.

So long as people resist retail sales, the general economy is going to remain flat. Why buy when you can borrow from a friend or rent for a few dollars? We can see the results on Main Streets across America with more shop being shuttered every day. Even if the banks and other lenders reverse their policies and begin to make more money available, this resistance to ownership could have become entrenched. It may be the new generation will resist borrowing until they have the confidence they will command the better paying jobs for the foreseeable future. Until then, the car rental companies look set to continue increasing their profits by supplying this market.

Computer Network Security- Essential to Safeguard Privacy on your PC

Computer Network Security- Essential to Safeguard Privacy on your PC

The realms of computer networking programs have certainly allowed users to efficiently utilize computing devices such as servers, mainframes and scanners. Once a computer becomes a part of network, sharing information and data is easy. But data sharing certainly gives rise to a host of security issues thus computer network security is crucial as computer networks are vulnerable to risks involved with network security online. By installing the best intrusion prevention system for your PC, you keep yourself protected from hackers.

Users working online have higher risks of becoming victims of crimes associated with networking on systems where highly confidential information can be easily stolen. With the increase in the number of online crimes, strict privacy and dynamic protection of firewall software is compulsory.

A number of security softwares are available online and choosing the right one to protect your system is truly important.

Effective network monitoring is a crucial key to computer security in regard to efficient management of a network where the activity logs from varied servers and even routers can be closely guarded and reported. Unless an effective network security system is installed with better end to end protection and proper management, your system remains at risk.

Intrusion detection system is required to be installed in particular way and configured in every system to protect from intrusions and threats. But no matter how it may be expensive or time consuming, it has to be installed properly.

Firewalls have essential features such as access points and broadband routers that are already installed in the software. There is a wide selection of firewall and antivirus programs available online, which are exclusively made to secure your system. Firewall protection help safeguard your system thus helping it to perform different dynamic roles as well as to protect your system from potential threats.

Firewall protection system works as communication between network devices in the form of precise packets. Such packets enclose manipulative information from its originator and thus assemble appropriate needed information to further recipient. It is therefore essential that your system should remain protected and user should ensure that proper protection is enabled. Your cyber security should fulfill all your requirements of being a reliable watch dog. Since the key reasons behind network security risks involve Trojans and key loggers, these threatening programs have certainly set a criterion online. . Those who access the internet without protect of firewall security risk themselves to unauthorized intrusions and threats.

Network Administration and Security are in High Demand

Network Administration and Security are in High Demand


One of the fastest growing careers lies in the field of technology.  As every company hurries to become more acclimated to technology, the need for network administration and security increases.  No one can stop the spread of technology.  It has pierced every corner and shadow of our society.  Businesses especially, have become almost completely reliant on the benefits computers and networks offer.  Choosing a degree in network administration and security is a step in the right direction to becoming a high valued asset in the world of business.


While the unemployment rate remains at all-time highs, there are jobs available.  It is just that those jobs require specific knowledge and talent.  Many of those jobs are related to fields of technology, such as computers, networks and their security.  Without a properly trained group of applicants, these positions will remain open.  It may be bad news for companies out there, but it is great news for you.  There are colleges, like ASA: The College for Excellence, that offer degree programs in network administration and security.  Enrolling in these programs will put you a step above everyone else in your graduating class.  Attaining a degree in that field will make you a sought after commodity by businesses all over the country and perhaps even in foreign countries.  Everyone needs people to setup and manage their technological tools.


Another perk to the industry, besides finding it easy to get a job, is the pay.  Network administrators and network security specialists place top in the list of earners right out of college.  The advantage of majoring in a high demand field is that companies are willing to pay you well even if you lack experience.  Since the need for new administrators and security specialists in technology will only increase as the years go by, everyone wants to recruit fresh talent.  It is one thing to graduate from college knowing you have the skills to get a good job.  It is quite another to be recruited as soon as you graduate, knowing that you will have a choice of positions.  Job security has become all the more important with the current state of the economy, so picking a field that shows incredible job growth is very smart.  It means you will always be able to find a great paying job, with no cap on growth potential once you get that first foot in the door.


Technology is going to be a big part of the future in business.  Choosing to major in network administration and security will open many doors of opportunity.  With the lack of trained and experienced individuals in the industry now, you are sure to have plenty of job offers and potential earnings limited only by your ambition.

Fast and Secure Networks to Benefit Your Company

Fast and Secure Networks to Benefit Your Company

Virtually every business in the western world relies upon information and communication technology within this modern day. Computers control or aid in almost every element of modern business from manufacturing to communication to administration. A breakdown or a malfunction in any part of this technology can lead to significant delays and produce a loss of earnings. Hence, it is critical that businesses maintain their equipment to a good standard but in addition make use of the very latest fast and secure network provisions. In so doing, the company will prevent pricey delays to projects and appreciate sleek daily operations.

A virtual private network using multiprotocol label switching or MPLS VPN is often of huge assistance in acquiring a quick and safe network.

. Instead of a business being forced to develop its own costly network of telephone cables as a way to share details between locations or staff members, MPLS VPN allows companies to utilise the internet in sharing the information but guarantee that information is also secure. This holds substantial benefits for larger businesses that operate between several different office buildings or sites. Moreover, the MPLS system enables virtual links to be created in between nodes within a network which significantly decreases the overheads of a business by reducing the complexness of data traffic and the quantity of information used.

Yet another valuable tool in company communications is UK voice over IP or VOIP UK which enables voice communications over the internet rather than using conventional landlines. This system delivers significant advantages. For starters, expenses are considerably lowered by using broadband for voice calls rather than requiring an independent land line for voice calls. Additionally, the VOIP UK system supplies a higher level of security in comparison to the standard land line, essential for secure communications inside a business or between businesses. The system can be employed both inside a local network (on the business premises) and a wider network over the internet. This system also offers a significantly higher level of reliability than landlines, lowering the probability of costly issues arising.

The majority of businesses would be unable to operate should their information and communication systems crash. One of the most important systems that businesses operate nowadays is networks, both internal and external to the business. MPLS VPN allows for the safe transfer of information using the company's internal network. Furthermore, a VOIP UK system supplies a company with safe and reliable voice communications between staff members within the business but also in between firms that operate the system. Both MPLS VPN and VOIP UK provide the company with a totally new dimension of safety and reliability while greatly decreasing the company's overheads.

IP Network Cameras Better Security for Hotel Guests

IP Network Cameras Better Security for Hotel Guests

Video security surveillance is a must for hotels, motels, resorts etc. With increase in tourism demand for hotel rooms is constantly increasing. Security of guests, hotel property and employees is of utmost importance for hotels. Security cameras can help secure your hotel or resort and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve. These cameras need to be placed at the front desk, public areas of the hotel, such as the cafeterias, pools, parking lots and waiting rooms and should be in use 24 hours a day, be reviewed daily, and archived.

All major hotels have addressed this need by developing their own security standards as per their requirements. These network security cameras can be placed at any location and monitored from any location. This greatly improves the capability to prevent incidents, as well as providing the means to more effectively manage and respond to them if they do occur, a particularly important factor in hotels, where large numbers of people are often involved.

Benefits of IP Network Cameras for Hotel Surveillance

Security– Video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft. Placing the cameras on the door, behind front desk and other crucial places can be a deterrent for criminals and unwanted troublemakers, as he knows that the installation is being monitored by security cameras. These IP Network Cameras provide superior image resolution, Pan Tilt/Zoom, Night Vision Infra Red, Motion Detection Image Captures, records and sends e-mail alerts/images highlight etc. These products' have amazing security abilities!
Prevent theft– Securing exclusive areas like gym, swimming pool etc is important as these are the places where theft is common. A security system in the store room and other maintenance areas can uncover potential theft.
Flexible– IP Cameras can be stored in any location that only you or the ones you authorize have access to. These surveillance cameras record video that can be accessed when you want and it is possible to record remotely also. Unlike CCTV cameras, wireless IP cameras don't require technicians, power tools, or miles of wiring. All you do is mount the cameras and start recording. With improved storage methods, the archives can be referred for any of the stored videos.
Scalability - is one of the major advantages of the IP based surveillance cameras as you can connect them to the existing network. As per the growing security need one can expand the network of the IP surveillance system.
No Power Solution - The features in these cameras also include PoE that is Power over Ethernet. The modern IP network cameras are able to function without any extra power supply. They are capable of operating with PoE protocols that provides power through the Ethernet cable
Remote monitoring– Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your security camera system gives you the ability to broadcast your surveillance footage over the internet. IP network cameras allow remote accessibility. One can view live video that can be seen from any mobile smart phones and computer across the world.

In conclusion, IP Network security cameras are useful for installation in hotels for the protection of guests, employees and employers. IP network cameras are available in various models and offer countless surveillance possibilities making you and hotel feel safe and secure.