How secure is your business network?

How secure is your business network?

Having a business computer network for sharing access to the Internet as well as data among your staff is not something to be taken lightly and there are a lot of security issues to take into account if you want to keep your valuable data safe from being lost or stolen. The other motive for many hackers breaking into networks is to use the network as a cover for their crimes, basically making your business a patsy to lead authorities off of their trail.

External Security Threats

Having access to the Internet is a must these days for any business. With the information superhighway at your fingertips, it's never been easier to find whatever information you need and share it with co-workers. The Internet facilitates so many business activities that not being connected is pretty much a business killer. Unfortunately, having your network connected to the Internet has significant risks.

If these risks are not managed, your business network could be open to a variety of nasty consequences that can easily ruin you.

Consider these examples of the consequences of not securing your network:

• Your email server is compromised and used to send objectionable spam or phishing emails resulting in your server being blacklisted around the world. Suddenly most other email servers won't accept email from you anymore.

• A hacker uses your network to break into other networks or commit other crimes. All the evidence of these crimes are stored on your systems and a police investigation finds that the trail ends there. Now you are fending off criminal prosecution or civil lawsuits filed by victims.

• Your own customer data is stolen including sensitive documents such as ID and credit card details. This could result in bad press and reputation loss, reduced customer retention and trust, lawsuits or even a class action against your company.

Here are a few ways that you can manage the risks inherent to having your business network connected to the Internet:

• Install a hardware firewall – When you access the Internet, your computer or other device, it uses what are called "ports" that enable data to pass in or out through the network. If a "port" is left open, it can be used by outsiders to access your network. A hardware based firewall is used to block unused ports to prevent this from happening, while allowing regularly used ports to remain open like the incoming HTTP (website) port or email in and out ports. When choosing a hardware firewall device, it is recommended that the device you choose is "business grade" rather than "consumer grade" for home use.

• Install software firewalls on workstations – A software firewall is another level of defence against possibly suspicious access to your network. While it may be overkill to install such software on every workstation and can be omitted in favour of a hardware firewall, it's a good idea to install a software firewall on notebooks used by your staff on the move to protect their data.

• Anti Virus and Anti Spyware – Anti-virus software is the most common traditional software for this task, although you should ensure that other types of suspicious files and network activity should also be monitored such as spyware and other malicious code.

• Email Monitoring and Spam protection – Everybody who has used email has by now been subjected to Spam. Unwanted emails are not only bad for productivity, they can do damage to your systems and networks too. A spam filter can help to reduce unwanted emails, but don't forget to deploy anti-virus and anti-worm software on your mail server.

• Try to avoid POP3 or IMAP on mobile phones – Both of these email protocols should be avoided unless they are secured properly on mobile phones by connecting to a secure mail server. Basically, other mobile phone users can potentially "steal" your email from the thin air you are sending and receiving your emails over. If set up properly, a Microsoft Exchange Server can be properly secured with high encryption on modern smartphones.

Internal Security Threats

When most people think of network security, the first thing that jumps to mind is some faceless hacker on the Internet breaching your defences and causing mayhem on your network. What aren't often thought of are the threats to the security of your network and its data from within.

Whether a staff member is consciously out to cause your network problems or not, it is best to err on the side of caution and mitigate against worst case scenarios. A worker can cause a lot of damage if measures are not put in place to protect your data.

Here is a list of measures that can be put in place to reduce the risks of wayward employees damaging or stealing your business and data:

• Restrict Physical Server Access - Keep your central server and comms equipment in a place that does not allow physical access by your non-approved employees. Only one or two qualified technical staff in the whole company should have direct physical access to your server(s) at all. Keeping your servers in a lockable server cabinet can prevent unauthorised physical access. Keeping the cabinet in a secure room can provide additional security.

• Password Protect User Accounts – Every employee in your business should have a user account that is password protected. This helps enable you to customise access levels for each employee and gives them a particular profile on the network that can be tracked by administrators and restricted if necessary. By enabling password protected access to the network, it becomes harder for unauthorised persons to get in and cause trouble. Make sure you apply good passwords at least 8 characters long with both alphabetical and numerical characters. Using symbols is also good practice. The majority of accounts are compromised from having easy to guess passwords.

• Restrict User Permissions - Only give employees the access permissions they need for the tasks they are expected to perform on their work stations. This should exclude functions like CD burning, restricted file and folder access, access using portable memory devices like flash drives. Then there are even more serious functions that are potentially harmful like access to administrator functions and permission to install new applications.

• Create Group Policies - Setup a group policy for all work stations that automatically logs employees out of their computer after a short period of idle time. This ensures that if an employee is away from their computer, another staff member can't cause mischief. When this happens, the wrong person can end up taking the blame for someone else's crimes.

• Web Content filtering – Although many companies block certain websites from their network to stop employees slacking off, there are good security reasons for it too. Special software can be deployed that is able to block access to sites that contain spyware or other malicious code, as well as blocking access to website types by category such as entertainment, adult material, dating sites, chat rooms, social media and illegal themed websites. If specific websites need to be available to your employees, they can be added to a "whitelist" to let them through the filter. Also, any specific websites can be added to a "blacklist" to prevent them from being viewed by staff across the network.

• Data Destruction – Computer upgrades are a regular occurrence these days, but what happens to your old data storage media like CDs, DVDs and hard drives? Before you simply throw them out with the regular rubbish, think about what kind of sensitive data might be contained on them. Remember that even if you format a hard drive, the data is easily retrievable. If the data contained on your storage mediums could compromise your business or the entities your company deals with (customers or suppliers), then you should have it properly destroyed. A slip up here could cost your business dearly.

Data Backup For When Disaster Strikes!

Perhaps the most important thing to implement above all else is data backup. What would happen to your business if suddenly all your data is destroyed? Most shudder to contemplate this. It simply cannot be stressed enough that you need to have all of your essential data backed up and stored in a safe place on a regular basis.

This can be accomplished one of two ways:

• Remote Backup – This method copies and stores your files on a secure remote server automatically and periodically.

• Local Backup – This can be performed using software and backs your data up to a local storage device.

Talk to The Experts

If you have a business in Melbourne and need expert advice on implementing security measures for your business network, AWD are the people to talk to. AWD can also conduct network security audits for your business and provide a comprehensive report on how to effectively secure your network from threatsAWD are a full service business IT company in Melbourne, Australia

How Software Network Security Can Help Present Peace Of Mind

How Software Network Security Can Help Present Peace Of Mind
Running a business and implementing the appropriate computer method can be a must to run probably the most effective organization feasible. Those who want to ensure that they keep the amount of difficulties down to a minimal will must get into consideration investing in software network security. Take some time to appear by implies of this guide in purchase to come across out about how this tool is meant to perform and the method to get on prime of the proper version.

This really is known to become a extremely successful instrument that any person will probably be able to use. Individual pc safety is really important nowadays and those who don't take the right amount of time to install something are likely to run into pretty a few issues. Identity thieves are still out there too as the common hacker that may get into any unprotected system out there.

The entire concept behind this software network security system is to help keep track of any and all activity. If something suspicious arrives along, the owner will probably be capable of get the proper warning or alert. Be sure to install and take note with the current computer system and try to make any and all updates needed. In the event the wrong software program is installed on the slower set working plan, there could possibly be quite a few troubles to put up with.

After the method continues to be operating for a regular amount of time, the appropriate kind of organization is going to be applied. That is best for people that really do want to seek out the proper quantity of great results and know how every single thing is working on a day to day foundation. Double verify all files and paperwork to be sure that they are totally totally free of charge of any sort of problems.

To obtain the proper edition of this security, be certain to look for the new software network security method online. This really is likely to support make the downloading method a excellent deal much less tough and will help to speed things up. As long because the link will operate with the individual computer method, everything will perform out just fine. Look for most likely the most effective net world wide web site that offers the download and see what all the hype is in fact about.

There is likely to be a price that wants to be paid to have the capability to obtain the total model. Most people will only make use of the no cost of charge trial and never pay for that total version. Obviously they don't understand that purchasing the hyperlink is going to perform wonders and provide on an excellent deal of benefits that are not incorporated or even proven around the free trial.

Feel entirely no cost to complete the set up as quickly as achievable and make positive to get any and all questions answered. It actually is important to know how everything works and how to entry the really very best functions to ensure the personal laptop computer or computer along with the run method is normally ready to go. Don't get as well lengthy to find out every single thing, otherwise it will be a lot tougher to repair any with the problems.

Now may well be the perfect time to take into account acquiring the leading software network security system. It genuinely is imperative the program is constantly protected to create sure that no 1 steals any personal data. Start the downloading process right now and get satisfaction in the full version very quickly whatsoever.

Analysis: View From The Network Security Auto Security "firewall" - Car Safety -

Analysis: View From The Network Security Auto Security "firewall" - Car Safety -
View from the Network Security Automotive Safety "Firewall"

? Dialysis European car security password system

Compared to adhere to the market eight years WINDOWSxp system, VISTA from the market to collapse in just 18 months and about to be replaced by Microsoft's new WINDOWS7. Yes indeed the new technology to make our interface more detailed, more beautiful, and many new features also many young users to salivate. But in fact, whether it is about to fade away in VISTA, or ready to take over the W7, are equally subjected to because of security problems or waiting for accountability and challenge. When we open the computer will find the system to "defend" the anti-virus software has always been indispensable.

From a security perspective IT Whether the technology is mature and reasonable, and if the antivirus software hailed Car Safety protection system, can be seen both in the virtual or real life, the extensive array of safety significance. A full range of security vehicles as a powerful anti-virus systems, through continuous upgrading of technology and humanity's thoughtful consideration, let us both in the virtual or real, can walk with impunity happy.

View from the firewall to prevent security

Just as XP, even though held out for eight and a relatively mature market, while Microsoft frequently release patches to make up for vulnerabilities, but it is still off the firewall software can not do without the support and entrusted with the mission of taking over the reason caused W7 look forward to, not only because of its many new features, but also because Microsoft has put a great effort to ensure the system security to quell doubts. All "anti-" Blinded by greed, this is now Automotive Safety Is in line with the mainstream idea. Questions of safety, we first think of fame outside of the European Department of cars, or even that it lay for many years as an authoritative E? Ncap (European car safety crash test), direct growth-promoting domestic C? NCAP crash test safety of the birth of . Therefore, the European Series in security technology and security concepts can be called the global benchmark for both.

Among the same strain in this is not difficult to find, in the high rate of traffic accidents in China, the European system of security vehicles from the real-life reputation has been unanimously confirmed, such as speed Teng, Bora, and just in the latest awarded on the five-star crash test safety honor of the new Peugeot 307.

In fact, C? NCAP test only verify the reference model of survivability, the new 307 will promote the prevention of safety and efficacy similar to a firewall, should be concerned about. Design of the center console from a high level and trip computer screen, and 1.46 m wide field of view before the windshield, to the automatic headlights, automatic wipers, automatic air conditioning and other equipment, applications, and these are the comfort of the traditional view is that configuration, to help drivers achieve "eye separated from road, hands on the plate," the peace of mind driving. Held a car because a friend has shared, any slight distraction can cause accidents, and the introduction of automation technology and driver vision at any time be included in the design details, in the same time bring comfort to accident index fell to a minimum, maximum guaranteed drivers focus on road conditions.

From a security upgrade to perfect

If the firewall is the system's first line of defense, then a more comprehensive measure of antivirus software, or a system lies in their ability than narcotics and to fight, just as every car has a more thoughtful users want the security of protection. With many aspects of technological innovation, like the evolution of security technologies also requires innovation and enterprising spirit, we often hear of Google, Apple and other development from the rising star of today's Internet and IT giants, and the old battle between Microsoft and the company counter, or Xu Zhengyuan here. Therefore, both the Japanese car repeatedly emphasized energy absorption technology, or use European cars made in ensuring the lightweight body strength improved, or more perfect Electronic Security systems, are driven by innovation and sense of security upgrade under.

A matter of fact, including ABS + EBD The most common brake systems and vehicle security level distinction between anti-roll device? ESP system, Dongfeng Peugeot new security configuration 307 are from German supplier Bosch companies The latest 8.1 version, excellent braking distance allows users not only to avoid a rear-end trouble calmly, to maintain body stability in the time unexpected ability to represent today's leading security technology.

Although any one vehicle manufacturer can not claim perfect product, but to prevent safety concept to adopting new technology, "technology arm" has proved that Dongfeng Peugeot 307 series of security in constant evolution, and in forging with Ashkenazi comparable rigid car body, while the new 307 is the same level in the only models equipped with six airbags, constantly updating and improving this trend is perhaps even more should be commended.

Microsoft has released several times on the XP patch, W7 testing process remains difficult, we also need to frequently update virus database. The automobile manufacturers and software makers have a common goal?? From the security update into impeccable.

Application Delivery Networking: Secure Mode of Application Access

Application Delivery Networking: Secure Mode of Application Access

Today’s customer being a techno savvy person or enterprise, demands a host of applications to make their life a more comfortable place. IT professionals’ strife to provide the necessary software applications and upgrades.  However, with the rapid usage of technology, there is an increase in the demand for application. While working to meet the demands, the IT enterprises should also ensure a secure and real-time connectivity between the various applications in network so as to provide the end users an anytime access irrespective of the location and machine. Further, it becomes quite imperative to ensure a cost-effective method of application delivery in tune with the revenue, and productivity of the business enterprise.

To ensure a secure and fast availability of applications across the network, enterprises use an Application delivery networking approach.

 This is actually a collection of technologies which when deployed together provides application security, acceleration, visibility and network availability. Gartner defines application delivery networking as the combination of WAN optimization and Application Delivery Controllers (ADC). Application Delivery Controller is the end point of a delivery network and is placed in data centers. An advanced traffic management device, ADC is also referred to as a web switch, content switch, or a multilayer switch, which is used to distribute network traffic between servers placed across geographically distant locations.

Technological innovations like cloud computing and virtualization have resulted in extensive growth in data traffic. To provide the services of application visibility, Service load balancing, server health monitoring, application acceleration or WAN optimization and security, for such a high volume of data traffic, Application delivery networking requires a delivery platform. The leading IT enterprises have designed and developed a software-based Application Delivery Networking Platform to control the data traffic in the network.

The Application delivery Networking Platform leverages a 64-bit multi-core architecture and enables application scalability to any network thus paving way for increased worker productivity and revenue generation. Besides facilitating a high level of performance, optimization of the application delivery network it also maintains application security for the legal and compliance policies. The ADN Platform has agile and scalable software architecture to accommodate the rapidly growing data center. Further, through a bi-directional integration with the management as well as with monitoring systems it optimizes the performance of traditional well as the virtual data center. The benefits of this ADN Platform showcases a 500% improvement in application performance and a nearly 100% uptime for business critical applications.

Network Penetration testing- Security Measures Through Ethical Hacking

Network Penetration testing- Security Measures Through Ethical Hacking

Information technology has become an integral part of every business and industry sector. Cloud computing and virtualization of desktops having facilitated a globalized workspace, the data and information have become easily available across organizations, irrespective of the geographical location.  This has also brought in the concerns of security lapses in the networking environment and vulnerability of the data in a techno savvy business environment.

Organizations use testing tools such as vulnerability scanners to identify security vulnerabilities in a cloud hosting services environment. However, these vulnerability assessments only highlight the technical threat and do not consider the business threat or the common attack methods.

Such scanning methods do not provide a foolproof system of the security issues and leaves scope for further security breaches.

Network penetration tools also called ethical hacking tools are software tools, which allow the user to discover information about networks and interfere with traffic on the network. Managed service providers generally use network penetration software to check the security or performance gaps in a client network. Standard functions include gathering information about a network's topology, scanning for port vulnerabilities and launching denial-of-service attacks.  A network penetration tool gives an overview of the network, which makes it possible to pinpoint on the weak links on the network.

Conventional testing involves manual methods, which may miss out on all possible attack paths.

The use of penetration tests help to resolve this problem in the longer run. The network pen test identifies & prioritizes the threats using the relationship between different hosts in the network. It even takes into consideration the minor vulnerabilities that may be used to exploit other critical systems through an inter-dependent relationship. This exploits the network to find the real threats and loopholes, thereby enabling organization to effectively prioritize and take remedial actions to radically improve the overall security issues. Based on automated testing techniques, this features business logic verification and an online vulnerability management dashboard.

Internal threats are the greatest risk faced by many organizations today. The corporate LAN/WAN environments allow users greater amounts of access with fewer security controls. Traditional penetration testing disciplines are the network penetration testing and the server penetration testing. The network penetration testing techniques is used for infrastructure penetration testing such as routers switches, and firewalls. The server pen test on the other hand is used in case of operating systems and applications. The advent of technology has brought in advanced tools for disciplines such as application penetration, wireless, virtualization, database and Sharepoint servers.

Increased System Attacks Calls For Increased Network Security

Increased System Attacks Calls For Increased Network Security
There are so many ways to access the web, and all the of smart devices account for even more traffic on the World Wide Web. This overflow of users calls for increased website security that will offer a noticeable extension of online protection.

One of the best solutions is a malware scanner. The software applications that are written to attack websites, computers and email accounts have become even more dangerous than they were in the early stages of computing. Anyone that accesses the web knows about all of the dangers that various sites can cause. Unfortunately, the majority of the users that are exposed to viruses fail to take the needed precautions to prevent these attacks.

Malware takes all shapes and forms. It can come in the form of a virus, worm, spyware and any other software that was created with a malicious intent. These attacks are sometimes triggered simply from visiting a particular webpage. There are other times when the application is unleashed through the download of a file.

Malware does not always start immediately. There are some attacks that may be triggered on the next reboot or during the next time that a particular site is visited. The best solution is a malware scanner. These applications search for malicious files while building a history of susceptible malware that is found. The search through registry keys, folders and application settings allows the malware scanner to detect abnormal settings. These subtle changes may not show up in the beginning, and that is why this scanner is important. It serves a preventive maintenance method that can eliminate the worse case scenario before the trouble begins to brew.

System attacks have grown as a result of the number of smart devices that are capable of accessing the network. This has prompted many smart device owners to also obtain malware scanners for these devices. The threat of malware is no longer limited to desktops and laptops. Any device that is capable of accessing the web is subject to a threat. This is why it is so important to have the scanner in place before the problems arrive.

This scanner is a fast and efficient because it scans the abnormal registry key changes first to look for malicious activity. This is usually where malicious software applications edit the keys to invoke the pop banners or hijack pages that appear once a system has been attacked. A more extensive scan can yield greater results, but most of the applications that cause trouble are typically picked up in the quick scan.

Elements To Consider When Choosing Network Security Software

Elements To Consider When Choosing Network Security Software
Since the internet was invented, life has changed a lot. People now find it easier to communicate, do business and find information with the use of the internet. Among the benefits of internet are increased business opportunities. Although internet is considered one of the best inventions so far, it has also increased criminal activities. There are millions out there using the internet to con and steal money and information. Fortunately, with network security software these criminal activities can be prevented.

There are thousands of unscrupulous people out there using the internet to steal information from computer systems. Hacking is one of the biggest criminal activities that go on online. Unfortunately, solving this problem is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it is impossible to tell how these hackers access other peoples systems. Getting rid of these hackers is not easy. That is why it is advisable to install some kind of defence system to protect it from hackers, crackers and viruses.

When purchasing the application, one should make sure that it has a simple installation capability. The application should be able to check for threats and eliminate them. Experts recommend the use of an application that can scan all types of files in the computer. The application should have the ability to assist in directory search of files. In addition, the application should have the capability to scan everything in the computer for all kinds of threats in ports, users and so on.

It is also advisable to use a standardized type of protection. This simply means that the protection application should work with any operating system. This also means that the protection should detect all kinds of threats in most of the operating systems that exist as well as provide viable solution. In addition, it should provide complete solutions without the need of installing additional protection. This application should offer complete protection at an affordable price.

If there are several computers sharing local network, then its best to install the application in each one of them first. Each system should be given individual protection. In addition, the main server should also be protected using a centralized form of safety. Protecting the main server provides several advantages to users. The main advantage is that all the systems shall be protected from unauthorized users.

Having central protection is more affordable and convenient instead of providing individual protection to each computer. Whenever the defence system detects an unauthorised user, it will automatically eliminate it before it gains access to individual computers. Having individual protection is weaker than having a centralized server protection.

One advantage of installing an overall defence mechanism on the server offers two major benefits. One is that it eliminates the need to update the security system on each computer. The other benefit is that it can help prevent all unauthorized users from all the computers.

Installing an application on each computer is not advisable especially if there is a centralized system. The reason is that individual applications can slow down the processor of the system. Having centralized network security software not only protects all computers but also saves money.

Network Security is Crucial for the Reputation of Business

Network Security is Crucial for the Reputation of Business

Network security is a major issue of concern today for both private as well as public enterprises. It provides security to the public and the private computer networks as well. These networks are used daily to do the business transactions by different users from various locations. To make the business process safe and secure companies use the network security services offered by different IT Support services providers.

Mostly many firms use a big amount of the business on their network security but it is important that the networks they are using must have a specified level of security in them. An efficient security plan should be able to scan the threats and use the required tools to prevent them. There are two streams in it such as email security management and antivirus security, both should be used to safeguard the business data and communications from the hackers, intruders and other viruses.

Your network can be infected by various email viruses coming in harmful attachments with the emails.

With the email security management we can prevent unwanted spams and other viruses. We can use the message tracking options as well for troubleshooting and scanning tasks. It keeps tracking of the threats for the business emailing system. With the increase in the hacker and virus attacks the security software programs are very popularly used by the users. It safeguards your business from internet threats like spywares and mostly all malware which may be infected for your crucial business data.

We can identify many security threats spreading on the web such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, hacker attacks and various data interceptions.

Network security tasks are processed through hardware and software that should be in an updated and modified form in order to perform better. The network security system comprises of different components like anti-virus and spyware, firewalls, IPS-intrusion preventions systems and virtual private networks for secure remote access. The security services can be operated and provided from network operations centers (NOC) also. Due to this most of the NOC Monitoring providers are offering this.

By outsourcing these services your business can experience a lot of benefits. It protects your company from various kinds of business downtimes and increases the productivity of the workers also. Network security services minimize the risk of legal activities from the clients because it is already protecting their data from any theft. The revenues are automatically increases because it also saves a lot of operational as well as infrastructural expenditure. Finally we can understand that the reputation of the business is the most important issue that is safe if your business have a network security.

Network Security Degree Online - Become A Well-Paid IT Professional

Network Security Degree Online - Become A Well-Paid IT Professional

If you are looking for a degree that combines information technology with criminal justice - then you ought to consider the network security degree online.

Computer network security is extremely vital to all types of organizations, government agencies and even private individuals. Each year, organization lose billions of dollars in productivity when their computer systems are hacked, under attack from viruses and spam.

When systems are hacked, it is not only companies that suffer. Individuals suffer too because often times, hackers steal private information such as credit card and phone numbers.

Computer technology security measures have evolved to deal with these problems, however, so as the sophistication of cyber criminals to find news ways to continuing their criminal activities.

It is for this reason that global spending on information security, including hiring more computer security specialists, has increased.

These professionals are trained on how to monitor computer systems for external attacks and to make those systems more resilient to said attacks.

Most computer security specialist received their training at campus-based colleges or universities across the country. However, there are many of them that received their network security training online. Doing their degrees online gave them privileges that
were just too good to ignore.

For starters, some of them were already IT professionals when they decided that it was time to pursue a higher education. They wanted the benefit of being able to hold on to their jobs and get their degrees at the same time. This was something that while not impossible to do at a campus-based college, is easier to achieve at an online university.

Distance learning universities that offer network security degree online programs cater for students who want to mitigate their time and financial constraints. Online programs allow students to study at their own pace and at their own schedule. Wherever online students have access to internet-connected computers, it is possible for them to access their classes.

From a financial standpoint, learning online is often cheaper too. This is because online colleges don't have a lot of the overhead expenses that traditional campus-based colleges have.

If you serious about entry into the computer security industry, then realize that having a bachelor's degree is normally the minimum requirement.

It is a good idea to know if this is a field that is suitable to you, what online colleges offer quality network security degrees and what you can do (besides getting a degree) to boost your career.

On The Ip Network Voip Voice Transmission Security Technology-ip Network, Voice Transmission,

On The Ip Network Voip Voice Transmission Security Technology-ip Network, Voice Transmission,
Technology has now developed into a specialized voice communication technology, its use more widely. But the study found that, in addition to service quality issues, the security is corporate chief technology officer (CIO) are doing VoIP to consider the contents of the key decisions. In reality, many customers that the security situation can not achieve the standard business applications is that they temporarily do not want to deploy VoIP reason. Currently, VoIP security issues facing the main four: Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, illegal access, Huafei fraud or threats such as eavesdropping.

Market research survey showed that service providers in Asia Pacific VoIP security spending lags far behind the U.S. and Europe. Asia-Pacific region in 2005 is expected to service providers in the VoIP security spending less than 33 million U.S. dollars, while all regions outside the Asia-Pacific region will be spending 83.6 million U.S. dollars, and this gap will further increase is expected in 2008 Asia-Pacific District expenditures in this area is about 170 million U.S. dollars, while the Asia-Pacific region other than the total expenditure will be more than 370 million U.S. dollars. This gap shows that the current VoIP security in the Asia-Pacific region lack of awareness.

VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA) is designed to raise public awareness of VoIP security and confidentiality awareness of open organization, aims to find, understand and avoid VoIP security risks associated with, focused on VoIP security research and education. Its members a wide range of sources, including manufacturers, service providers, researchers and consultants. Its main activity is the discussion list approach, the White Paper in support of VoIP security research projects, and development for public use of the tools and methods for VoIP to provide a more comprehensive safety concept, safety products, solutions and management standards. February 2005, to the two initial goals is to develop a threat category (threattaxonomy) and the definition of security requirements. Recently, working on drafting the VoIP network requires security measures and threat model documents.

Technical characteristics of broadband telephone and security threats
Broadband phone is based on the realization of broadband access, is the main commercial form of VoIP, its security is based on broadband access security. Broadband phone with broadband access universal and popular. Gradually become the mainstream of broadband access as a form of Internet access through different channels, in a coaxial cable or optical fiber carrying multiple independent channels, use of cable modem (cablemodem), digital subscriber line (DSL) or fiber and other access methods, its rate is generally more than 1Mbit / s, with the connection address fixed transmission rate higher characteristic.

As broadband services are generally provided with a monthly subscription, the user PC and other smart devices connect to the network using a permanent way, which means always online, so, there is always likely to be the threat of invasion and attack. Broadband connection, on the one hand in time for hackers trying to attack the opportunities provided; on the other hand, often use a permanent fixed IP address to connect, target fixation, increased probability of successful attacks. The terminal functions as intelligence, information rich content, once the hackers control of the system, they not only stole sensitive information, destroy files, or even use it as a springboard to attack other sites, to network attacks. Network Security directly affects the security of broadband telephone. Development and progress of information technology over the real security needs, broadband telephony in particular. Currently, there is no mainstream or commercial VoIP specific attack threat, but the threat of the emergence of a matter of time. Despite the threat of no less than other VoIP Web applications face severe, but is more difficult to ensure safety, which is determined by the characteristics of VoIP. Such as VoIP generally requires more than Web browsing and E-mail for more connections, streaming media connection is dynamic, more complex security needs.

Broadband network from viruses, spam, denial of service attacks and other threats, VoIP and other Internet applications also face different security and privacy issues, such as call tracking, call hijacking, and eavesdropping, the most dangerous threats. Threat of attack both gave broadband phone security risks.

Generally speaking, broadband phones are targeted telephone calls may be exchanged between the parties, the information content, the identity of the caller and the called party, IP telephony entities, IP telephone network elements, as well as servers, hosts, etc. .

Broadband telephony security vulnerability analysis 1.IP the vulnerability of sub-network itself
IP packet communication network as an open network, data network inherent security vulnerabilities, including:
Voice packet sniffer monitoring; Network identity fraud, to free services;
Packet manipulation discontinued operations; User accounts and equipment to deceive, which access network and IP address of the database;

Undermine the integrity of the network, modify the database or copying equipment to make voice network congestion or control;

Other security threats, including end-user privacy leakage; new security challenges, including interception, modification call control (eg SIP) packets, and even change the packet destination address and call connections.

IP packet network performance can not reach the level of circuit-switched network, the network security has increased the vulnerability of broadband telephony security risks. Because risk management perspective, if the operator's data network, VoIP being a disaster, companies will face the same loss of voice and data communication of risk, the original single data network service security threat was extended to the two systems.

2.VoIP attacks by the security
VoIP environment, pay special attention to the threat of security attacks, including:
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks: such as IP phones, VoIP Gateway (SIP proxy) and other endpoints, may be subject to SYN or ICMP packet attacks, which interrupt communications, provides broadband telephone services can not be normal.

Call interception: voice or real-time transport protocol (RTP) packets are unauthorized tracking.
Signaling protocol tampering: with the same call interception, malicious users can control and tamper with the establishment of the call after the transfer of data packets, modify the data flow in the field, to make VoIP calls without using VoIP phone, or they can be a higher rate call (such as international calls), to IP-PBX that the call from another user.

State theft: fake legitimate users send and receive data.

Deception charges: malicious users or intrusion

Protect and secure your business network and data

Protect and secure your business network and data

Setting up a computer network is a necessity in any small business office. If you already have one set up, you know then how it is centered on the concept of sharing technology and increasing efficiency within an office environment. Using a networked computer, your can optimally use computers, printers and other devices. Computer Networking also promotes the sharing of various resources, whether software or physical devices.

In the effort to grow your business, you may have forgotten this one little detail – data security! While computer networking improves the flow of information and increase efficiency, it might also make it easier for other people to snoop around and steal your company's information. You should therefore follow the steps listed below to help secure your business information and assets.

Use a firewall
Any computer or computer network that is connected to the Internet is susceptible to attacks from hackers. Believe it or not, they constantly trawl the Internet to take advantage and exploit those with weak security. These hackers can easily gain access to all your data and files if you don't have sufficient security installed. A firewall will help prevent outsiders gain access to your private data, as it restricts incoming and outgoing data on your Internet connection. It's like having a gate with a padlock in front of your house or business to stop strangers from entering your premises. While software-based firewalls might be enough to fend off regular attacks, if you have extremely sensitive data that you want to protect from those outside your company should consider getting a hardware firewall. It means more investment to make, but you will get the best protection and security.
Get an Anti virus package
Sometimes, a gate in front of the house is not enough to fend off strangers. That is why some people hire security guards. In this case, an anti virus can act as a security guard to eliminate any dangers, such as being exposed to a computer virus. These viruses can infiltrate your system through infected e-mail attachments, malicious programs, and files downloaded by users. Once it enters your network system, it may do heavy damage as it looks to infect as many files and data possible on every computer connected to the network. An anti virus program can act a sentinel that will scan all incoming data and test it for viruses, which will then quarantine and delete the virus if found.
Regular Data back-up
Securing your data also means making sure that no matter what happens to the data, whether stolen or damaged, your business won't come to a stand still and can still operate normally. Hence, it is essential to back-up your data to minimise the loss. It is recommended to copy all important files, such as accounts, reports and e-mail messages, on a timely basis.