Analysis: View From The Network Security Auto Security "firewall" - Car Safety -

Analysis: View From The Network Security Auto Security "firewall" - Car Safety -
View from the Network Security Automotive Safety "Firewall"

? Dialysis European car security password system

Compared to adhere to the market eight years WINDOWSxp system, VISTA from the market to collapse in just 18 months and about to be replaced by Microsoft's new WINDOWS7. Yes indeed the new technology to make our interface more detailed, more beautiful, and many new features also many young users to salivate. But in fact, whether it is about to fade away in VISTA, or ready to take over the W7, are equally subjected to because of security problems or waiting for accountability and challenge. When we open the computer will find the system to "defend" the anti-virus software has always been indispensable.

From a security perspective IT Whether the technology is mature and reasonable, and if the antivirus software hailed Car Safety protection system, can be seen both in the virtual or real life, the extensive array of safety significance. A full range of security vehicles as a powerful anti-virus systems, through continuous upgrading of technology and humanity's thoughtful consideration, let us both in the virtual or real, can walk with impunity happy.

View from the firewall to prevent security

Just as XP, even though held out for eight and a relatively mature market, while Microsoft frequently release patches to make up for vulnerabilities, but it is still off the firewall software can not do without the support and entrusted with the mission of taking over the reason caused W7 look forward to, not only because of its many new features, but also because Microsoft has put a great effort to ensure the system security to quell doubts. All "anti-" Blinded by greed, this is now Automotive Safety Is in line with the mainstream idea. Questions of safety, we first think of fame outside of the European Department of cars, or even that it lay for many years as an authoritative E? Ncap (European car safety crash test), direct growth-promoting domestic C? NCAP crash test safety of the birth of . Therefore, the European Series in security technology and security concepts can be called the global benchmark for both.

Among the same strain in this is not difficult to find, in the high rate of traffic accidents in China, the European system of security vehicles from the real-life reputation has been unanimously confirmed, such as speed Teng, Bora, and just in the latest awarded on the five-star crash test safety honor of the new Peugeot 307.

In fact, C? NCAP test only verify the reference model of survivability, the new 307 will promote the prevention of safety and efficacy similar to a firewall, should be concerned about. Design of the center console from a high level and trip computer screen, and 1.46 m wide field of view before the windshield, to the automatic headlights, automatic wipers, automatic air conditioning and other equipment, applications, and these are the comfort of the traditional view is that configuration, to help drivers achieve "eye separated from road, hands on the plate," the peace of mind driving. Held a car because a friend has shared, any slight distraction can cause accidents, and the introduction of automation technology and driver vision at any time be included in the design details, in the same time bring comfort to accident index fell to a minimum, maximum guaranteed drivers focus on road conditions.

From a security upgrade to perfect

If the firewall is the system's first line of defense, then a more comprehensive measure of antivirus software, or a system lies in their ability than narcotics and to fight, just as every car has a more thoughtful users want the security of protection. With many aspects of technological innovation, like the evolution of security technologies also requires innovation and enterprising spirit, we often hear of Google, Apple and other development from the rising star of today's Internet and IT giants, and the old battle between Microsoft and the company counter, or Xu Zhengyuan here. Therefore, both the Japanese car repeatedly emphasized energy absorption technology, or use European cars made in ensuring the lightweight body strength improved, or more perfect Electronic Security systems, are driven by innovation and sense of security upgrade under.

A matter of fact, including ABS + EBD The most common brake systems and vehicle security level distinction between anti-roll device? ESP system, Dongfeng Peugeot new security configuration 307 are from German supplier Bosch companies The latest 8.1 version, excellent braking distance allows users not only to avoid a rear-end trouble calmly, to maintain body stability in the time unexpected ability to represent today's leading security technology.

Although any one vehicle manufacturer can not claim perfect product, but to prevent safety concept to adopting new technology, "technology arm" has proved that Dongfeng Peugeot 307 series of security in constant evolution, and in forging with Ashkenazi comparable rigid car body, while the new 307 is the same level in the only models equipped with six airbags, constantly updating and improving this trend is perhaps even more should be commended.

Microsoft has released several times on the XP patch, W7 testing process remains difficult, we also need to frequently update virus database. The automobile manufacturers and software makers have a common goal?? From the security update into impeccable.