Application Delivery Networking: Secure Mode of Application Access

Application Delivery Networking: Secure Mode of Application Access

Today’s customer being a techno savvy person or enterprise, demands a host of applications to make their life a more comfortable place. IT professionals’ strife to provide the necessary software applications and upgrades.  However, with the rapid usage of technology, there is an increase in the demand for application. While working to meet the demands, the IT enterprises should also ensure a secure and real-time connectivity between the various applications in network so as to provide the end users an anytime access irrespective of the location and machine. Further, it becomes quite imperative to ensure a cost-effective method of application delivery in tune with the revenue, and productivity of the business enterprise.

To ensure a secure and fast availability of applications across the network, enterprises use an Application delivery networking approach.

 This is actually a collection of technologies which when deployed together provides application security, acceleration, visibility and network availability. Gartner defines application delivery networking as the combination of WAN optimization and Application Delivery Controllers (ADC). Application Delivery Controller is the end point of a delivery network and is placed in data centers. An advanced traffic management device, ADC is also referred to as a web switch, content switch, or a multilayer switch, which is used to distribute network traffic between servers placed across geographically distant locations.

Technological innovations like cloud computing and virtualization have resulted in extensive growth in data traffic. To provide the services of application visibility, Service load balancing, server health monitoring, application acceleration or WAN optimization and security, for such a high volume of data traffic, Application delivery networking requires a delivery platform. The leading IT enterprises have designed and developed a software-based Application Delivery Networking Platform to control the data traffic in the network.

The Application delivery Networking Platform leverages a 64-bit multi-core architecture and enables application scalability to any network thus paving way for increased worker productivity and revenue generation. Besides facilitating a high level of performance, optimization of the application delivery network it also maintains application security for the legal and compliance policies. The ADN Platform has agile and scalable software architecture to accommodate the rapidly growing data center. Further, through a bi-directional integration with the management as well as with monitoring systems it optimizes the performance of traditional well as the virtual data center. The benefits of this ADN Platform showcases a 500% improvement in application performance and a nearly 100% uptime for business critical applications.