Network Security Devices Can Not Guarantee Real Security

Network Security Devices Can Not Guarantee Real Security
Recently, a report by the United States, one pair of 107 acts of computer error led to loss of information due to the analysis report that the information currently stored on the computer to produce the greatest threat of attack from the theft of user names and passwords, and such frequency of attacks is currently the highest.

  The emergence of the United States report high reliability calculations for a number of supporters to provide a very strong view of the support of its view that the implantation of TPM (TrustedPlatformModule, Trusted Platform Module) security chip, the network device can be expected to solve Most of the information security problems, those who hold this view because of the emergence of TPM technology on information security issues expressed optimistic about the future.

This is because the calculation of the supporters of high reliability analysis of this report, thinks that the network security hardware implanted end systems, this technology will be established within a comprehensive network authentication system, a safe end to the network terminal, the device will be able to intercept 84% of illegal users, prohibit unauthorized access to internal networks. Therefore, some supporters of the reliable calculation of optimistic presumptions, implantation of network security hardware network terminal will greatly reduce the security risk.

It? I'm afraid not. Let us first look at the so-called "security devices" in the end are.

Security chip is only an identity card terminal

Network terminal is for security, TPM security chip is the foundation and core. TPM is a hardware-based security, the core technology. TPM security chip is an independent key generation, encryption devices, independent of the processor and internal memory unit can store keys and sensitive data, to measure a variety of computing platforms to provide integrity, data security and identity protection certification services. The implantation of the security hardware, each computer system is equivalent to corporate networks and terminals are each equipped with "identity."

With TPM "safety gene" terminal equipment, in particular the PC and notebook computers, TMP technology for its BIOS, operating system, device drivers, etc. data records, collected by the boot process to the data and compare the original stored data to check the security state, will report the results to the user. If there are people on the platform for third party access, TPM will promptly report security status, the third party in be only of permitted access, to further ensure that the user platform operating environment, applications and network environment between the trading and other computing platforms environmental credibility.

View of the current market, more and more desktop and notebook computers are able to carry this technology, as of 2005, the most notebook computers can run the platform. But here is the need to explain, TPM technology is not imposed, after all, some consumers may think that once the use of this technology in the use of scope would be affected, there can tell you, even bought the computer with TPM technology, as long as no turn this feature, it will be no other difference between the ordinary computer.

TPM in a limited role in information security

Ma Jie, senior information security as an industry expert on secure chip technology by TPM view: "TPM security chip embodied in the role of information security is the group effect, that is, internal network, most network TPM technology devices are used, and in the course of a very real end-user opens this feature. Only in this way, the network is to establish a credit system as a network, the terminal equipment will greatly enhance the trustworthiness . "

Ma Jie also reminded users, however, because the TPM technology is not mandatory, to establish a credit system in the practical application of network has some difficulties.

You might want, as a network administrator, or even as a unit leader in charge of IT departments in the application is permitted, you can use administrative means to ask the network not only with each terminal TPM security chip products, will also require each user have to turn this feature. This allows the establishment of a credit system with high network security-related network followed.

We will not speak of this idea can really achieve, even in an ideal environment, the TPM embedded security chip and the corresponding underlying security software tools, secure network devices erected a more Strong credit system of the network, then it has played a number of information security the actual effect? Whether you believe or safety terminal manufacturers, I am afraid they do not judge.

, Of course, the author referred to here is the traditional information security network security, refer to viruses, spyware, spam and hacker attacks and other Internet threats undermine the corporate network communications will affect the normal business operations, the impact on staff productivity.

Before the current guise of security threats: hackers have begun to seek fame Cong benefit changes, more subtle means of future hacker attacks, which have also more and more destructive, means of attack along become more complex and difficult to prevent; hidden threat to e-mail or web page with limited consumption of the enterprise systems and network resources, while increasing the cost of operation and maintenance of the enterprise; phishing attack will use a false e-mail identity theft, Some spyware is to steal financial or other confidential information.

Threat from the development trend of information security, these security threats become more and more means of integration. TPM security chip that uses a network of terminals, in resisting the integration of very mixed, according to security threats, can play a useful role, is not known.

However, according to data from abroad, the current U.S. military computer purchase all of the latest version of the TPM configuration, as Apple also introduced its new Mac models loaded with the technology. This also can be seen from the broad role of information security, the use of the TPM security chip, the network terminal can still play a role.

As user terminal equipment can be key and other sensitive data stored on the chip. TPM device-independent traditional storage systems (such as hard drives), traditional software attack can not steal this equipment is usually the user keys and other sensitive data. In other words, even if you will be equipped with enterprise business secrets stolen or lost laptop accidentally, and not have the legal status of those who have the same access to the data which can not be obtained.

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