Network Camera ? A New Age Security Product

Network Camera ? A New Age Security Product
A Network Camera is also known as an IP Camera that helps to stream and capture live video images over an IP system directly. Each of then have their own IP address and other features that are built-in within a web server. The primary advantage of network camera is that they allow remote recording, viewing and video handling from almost anywhere. You just need video management software tools or a web server. For instance, this technology allows us to scan through a particular camera set up in New York, through a computer with internet access situated at UK. The name i.e. Network Camera is derived from the fact that the images recorded in the camera can be viewed over an IP network.

The IP network is one of the most frequent used networks for data transmission and communication. We use them regularly from our residences or offices, by receiving and sending mails and browsing the internet. The presence of an IP network in most homes and corporate complexes makes the installation of network cameras cost-effective and easy. Any location is good enough for its installation as long as its signals can be traced and well navigated well.

Owing to the threats of security that may result from unforeseen human attacks, social unrest, infrastructural malfunctioning it has become imperative to invest in a network camera in today’s IT driven era. Network cameras have gained prominence over the past few years owing to its numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows:-

There is a possibility to access numerous remote locations being seated a central area. This makes the system cost-effective.
There is remote access to recorded and live images from any location you want and at any time
The cameras have in built advanced features that enables in efficient security operations to be carried on
The installation cost is less because it utilizes the communication networks that are already in use. Hence, this also leads to less cable requirements
The video systems within the camera have high-end features that minimize the resources and time required for organizing, maintaining and monitoring a video system.

Presently, the new age service providers in network camera has come up with various product variants, such as the PoE cameras, Mega Pixel Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, Outdoor/Indoor Cameras, PTZ cameras and many others.