Stop Intruders From Accessing Your Computer With Strong Network Security

Stop Intruders From Accessing Your Computer With Strong Network Security
Are you hungry? Order pizza over the internet and get it delivered within half an hour! But two decades ago it was just a dream to order pizza online. Now there are several online stores that are developed with an aim to serve you round the clock. We place the order online using our credit card and the pizza is delivered to our home. Yes, advancement of information technology has made it possible. But this also has negative impact as well. As more people are now enjoying the benefits of information technology, cases of cyber crimes are also increasing rapidly. Strong network security measures are the only solution to counter this evil.

Network security is the procedure of preventing and identifying unauthorized access of computer network. This means no one will be able to access any part of computer system over network without access permission. In this article we have discuss about some basic things to enhance your network security. For computer security you can consult a PC repair company.

Network Security could be classified in two general classes. The first one is the procedure to protect data as it transits a network while the second one is to control which packets may transit the network. For encrypting traffic between sites various procedures are used. Virtual Private Networks and Packet Level Encryption are two most popular approaches.

When it comes to Virtual Private Networks, here private network is constructed by using TCP/IP. For IP packet transmission, there are different kinds of links. Ethernet and Point-to-Point links are the most common one. At the time of designing a virtual private network, a prevailing TCP/IP connection is used for the lowest levels of the TCP/IP development. For secure data transfer, network designer can encrypt the connection at the physical layer. This means it gives an opportunity which data to allow and which one to block.

Traffic regulation is one of the most common forms of network security. It acts as a filter between hosts and remote sites. Routers, firewalls and hosts are three basic areas where these tasks are performed. Traffic regulation could be classifieds into three types such as Router traffic regulation, Firewall traffic regulation, and Host traffic regulation.

Modern day routers come with inbuilt security software. You need to configure the software for better network security. There are many online computer support companies that help the computer users to boost network security. They offer various services like wired and wireless network setup support / LAN Support, wireless router setup and configuration as well as assistance to manage network resources. Their services also include installation and configuration of Firewall, internet connection sharing and troubleshooting, installation of Network Operating System and troubleshooting network connectivity issues.