Network Security: It Should Be Protection From Passive To Active Prevention - Network Security,

Network Security: It Should Be Protection From Passive To Active Prevention - Network Security,
HC Network Security "Software vulnerabilities are with the constant development of new technology was discovered last year, a relatively well-known loophole in SS087, just less than 100 bytes, you can control the system to perform a specified pointer. Although most of the new technology in the design security issues will be considered initially, but in software design that is 'Young' in the industry, most new technologies do not have professional designers and security thinking. "organized in the recent" 2009 China Software Security Summit ", the Green League and Technology Security Advanced Research Department Expert In the "D remarks have caused a knowing laugh.

The experts agreed that the current Hacker Tightly organized group, under a planned attack, the vulnerability of the software itself, is becoming an impact Network Security One of the important reasons.

"Chong Yu know," Information Technology Co., Ltd in China every day to scan the interior of the 70 million websites linked to Malaysia the situation observed. In October this year, the national trend of overall Web site linked to horse shows, in addition to Beijing and Shanghai have a higher value outside the region, in the past that is not subject to hacker groups attention to areas where rates are quietly hung up horses, horse hung Shaanxi rate is close to Guangdong. "The so-called hanging horse, is the hacker access to Web site administrator account and the password, the Trojan added to the page Virus Code, if you do not care to enter the horse has been linked to the website, the computer will be infected with Trojan viruses, which lost a large number of valuable documents, information and account password. "" Know Chong Yu "R & D vice president Yang Yilong explained," The Chinese government attaches great importance to network security, so hang on by the National Ma Monitor Banks, government departments and other Web sites, in a very low order of magnitude, but the school Enterprise And the company's Web site, linked to horse rates remain very high. "October the highest rate of our horse hung site space Nanning Polytechnic Alumni Network, South network of national folklore, search spectrum network, JAC Online, Yangtze Evening News Network, Gansu Flying News Network, such as China Economic News Network.

Hackers now have formed a well organized, concept and design patterns of the new international underground black industry. "Their 'horse farm', the implementation schedule of work standardization and automation of the 'race course management' system, the internal division of labor is clear, not only hand-dug holes, writing 'horse' program, 'dark' net, and also has sold horses server and 200 MB of broadband, the professional version of the virus both brands, but also high-quality after-sales service, are paid huge salaries. "Yang Yilong introduced, which makes the current network properties of the virus showed a broad attack against the confidentiality, small volume, can automatic generation, automatic latency, self-protection, auto-delete features. Hackers and low-key approach is more subtle.

Known as the "father of the computer," the British mathematician Alan Turing, who had been through a difficult problem to prove that the network security vulnerabilities will always exist. Of the next decade, network security, in the "D analysis of" the present situation although some historical issues can be resolved, but still in a very long time after the impact of network security. At the same time, different people develop new and old software code, and even different frame module designers originally designed the system generated the quantitative complexity of the accumulation of sediment problems will eventually occur, so that becoming a more complex network security problems. "

"The problem is that many of the network security from the security software on their own vulnerabilities and vulnerability." Software Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Guo Jianbing said. To do this, "Our industrial policy in developing information security programs at the same time, in the 'Eleventh Five-Year' during the use of a million e-Development Fund, set up more than 20 topics, the implementation of more than 100 projects." Guo Jianbing said "We are increasingly concerned about the security support and a high degree of support for software tool development and evaluation to enhance software security and other public service systems to enhance security and reliability of our software products and competitiveness, to promote network security after the passive defense to advance in initiative to prevent and gradually form of prevention, protection of technology integrated security system. "

This, the State Information Center, the Center for Security Research and Service, Microsoft, North sources, Rising Corporation, for the national launch of the endpoint security endpoint security care systems solutions, preparing an organized program to detect and analyze the status of endpoint security and timely distribution to the terminal after security evaluation of the vulnerability patches and updates. "Our ultimate goal is to develop a government security configuration standard terminal, with our own intellectual property through the end-user security care system allotted to the nation." National Security Research and Information Center, Dr. Liu Fei introduction service center, pilot and demonstration projects was last year, completed Shanxi, Sichuan, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shandong provinces and municipalities 8 nodes build local centers, "the pilot and demonstration projects are very stable system operation, effectively protect the network security. "At present, the Centre is ready to automatically deploy R & D strategy, performance testing and a series of security tools, while the standard with Microsoft to verify the pilot is also underway.