IP Network Cameras Better Security for Hotel Guests

IP Network Cameras Better Security for Hotel Guests

Video security surveillance is a must for hotels, motels, resorts etc. With increase in tourism demand for hotel rooms is constantly increasing. Security of guests, hotel property and employees is of utmost importance for hotels. Security cameras can help secure your hotel or resort and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve. These cameras need to be placed at the front desk, public areas of the hotel, such as the cafeterias, pools, parking lots and waiting rooms and should be in use 24 hours a day, be reviewed daily, and archived.

All major hotels have addressed this need by developing their own security standards as per their requirements. These network security cameras can be placed at any location and monitored from any location. This greatly improves the capability to prevent incidents, as well as providing the means to more effectively manage and respond to them if they do occur, a particularly important factor in hotels, where large numbers of people are often involved.

Benefits of IP Network Cameras for Hotel Surveillance

Security– Video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft. Placing the cameras on the door, behind front desk and other crucial places can be a deterrent for criminals and unwanted troublemakers, as he knows that the installation is being monitored by security cameras. These IP Network Cameras provide superior image resolution, Pan Tilt/Zoom, Night Vision Infra Red, Motion Detection Image Captures, records and sends e-mail alerts/images highlight etc. These products' have amazing security abilities!
Prevent theft– Securing exclusive areas like gym, swimming pool etc is important as these are the places where theft is common. A security system in the store room and other maintenance areas can uncover potential theft.
Flexible– IP Cameras can be stored in any location that only you or the ones you authorize have access to. These surveillance cameras record video that can be accessed when you want and it is possible to record remotely also. Unlike CCTV cameras, wireless IP cameras don't require technicians, power tools, or miles of wiring. All you do is mount the cameras and start recording. With improved storage methods, the archives can be referred for any of the stored videos.
Scalability - is one of the major advantages of the IP based surveillance cameras as you can connect them to the existing network. As per the growing security need one can expand the network of the IP surveillance system.
No Power Solution - The features in these cameras also include PoE that is Power over Ethernet. The modern IP network cameras are able to function without any extra power supply. They are capable of operating with PoE protocols that provides power through the Ethernet cable
Remote monitoring– Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your security camera system gives you the ability to broadcast your surveillance footage over the internet. IP network cameras allow remote accessibility. One can view live video that can be seen from any mobile smart phones and computer across the world.

In conclusion, IP Network security cameras are useful for installation in hotels for the protection of guests, employees and employers. IP network cameras are available in various models and offer countless surveillance possibilities making you and hotel feel safe and secure.