Defense Security Systems Monitoring And Control Days Of Campus Network Security Solutions -

Defense Security Systems Monitoring And Control Days Of Campus Network Security Solutions -
Campus Network Management of the major tasks facing the two Network Operation and maintenance of security and physical protection of nodes.

From the network operation and maintenance point of view, because the campus network in general to Fast or Gigabit to the desktop, while the desktop node level by 2-3 Switching equipment Cascade to reach the core layer and even export, so the node within the infection continued scanning and attacking behavior, will export equipment or core switching equipment to bring strong pressure, with the increase in the number of infected units, this pressure will be constantly double and quickly exceeded the upper Network equipment Throughput and connectivity capabilities, this is the so-called "funnel effect." Therefore, the campus network, the large-scale worm outbreaks, resulting in paralysis from the network is not the external scan, but due to high frequency within the infected nodes, high-volume centralized scanning, quickly led to the performance of network equipment on each floor and the effective bandwidth of the sharp decline, bringing the following issues:

1, Primary paralysis: a lot of the grassroots network of radio equipment, switching equipment and the convergence paralysis, including partial paralysis caused by ARP cheating.

2, exports of paralysis: a large number of external connection requests result in export of equipment (such as Router , Firewall, etc.) were accounted for dead connections, leading to other users can not use.

3, the core layer of paralysis: the network core layer or the export of the basic flow of traffic occupied by the virus scan.

Entity nodes from the point of view, there are a large number of campus commitment to information, education, scientific research Server And related information systems also have the million teachers and students and staff to provide services terminal node.

For information server group, its faces the threat of attack is greater than a conventional desktop system, but the current situation is that the market does not specifically related to security products for special security settings for the server, still using the same machines through the terminal level of protection.

Tens of thousands of end users and for nodes in terms of their volume as the basis of the user vary the application level, if they can not be effectively protected, will not produce a large number of discrete control points, control the entire network security .

On days Solutions On day campus network solutions, the starting point is "unified control, distributed defense, the corresponding effective, centralized management," as the guiding ideology, combining comprehensive analysis of the actual situation in the campus network, attention tasks in different areas and face the security pressure.

Exports and the core campus network layer, the core of the network links, network throughput, take the key communications services, therefore, the need for effective operation and maintenance support capability. As exports and core layer, the internal nodes in the case of being infected, susceptible to the efficiency of the funnel effect of serious problems or even crash. Thus, the first time on the issue affecting the overall efficiency of the network node quickly and accurately the location, nature is key to the problem. On days VDS network virus needs monitoring system to provide panoramic view of safety monitoring, and real-time location information of the virus. VDS bypass work, does not affect the network efficiency, the formation of virus Trend And positioning of the panoramic view to the implementation of the next step for the network security policy, the data provide strong support.

For such key areas as the server node cluster, is mainly responsible for the provision of information services for the entire network's task is the main target for hackers. As the campus network servers large, relatively small number of network management personnel, the need to manage the convenience of automatic protection products. Heavenly Host Protection System Server Edition is specifically designed for this demand. On day while also key workstation designed Heavenly Host Protection System workstation.

Campus of a large number of terminal nodes because of the large number basically does not control or potential control at the state, it is easy to become a source of virus spread and affect network efficiency and security of other users. And because the user level within the campus complex, a large number of students in particular, the terminal system is fully dependent on the level of personal security awareness and, while most of the students themselves will not buy security products, safety and security of campus network to become the greatest pressure. Therefore, a low-cost, high automation, hardware and software environment to adapt to complex solutions, Ann-day version of host protection system with intelligent desktop users, compatible, light-load design ideas to complete these tasks.

Heavenly Host protection system for the security needs of different types of nodes in the design, documentation level, Operating system Layer, network layer of the multi-level protection, can greatly enhance the security of these critical nodes. While the levels of products are enough to complement the existing anti-virus products in the form of deployment in the system, not conflict, and low resource consumption, to enhance system safety factor.

In addition, safety days to design the network for network management systems toolbox, dig deep to help network security risks that exist in the system, so that network users have a more professional treatment than the means.

Discrete network security problems will not converge, but the product will also have this same problem of discrete, Antian An overall management of the whole management of the Centre to deploy in the network security products and equipment, so that products can be formed between effective interaction, solves the problem of discrete products.

Program deployment Total exports in the campus network of virus monitoring system deployed VDS1000/VDS2500, a key segment within the network deployment VDS100 series, to the whole situation of the global network of virus monitoring and on the local network view of the formation of more fine-grained security quickly locate the virus source, at any time about network security.

On day campus security solutions In the server group Computer Days of the deployment of security to protect the host system server version, in the critical days of the host workstation deployment of security protection system for workstation version of the basic user to use a large number of security solutions in days to provide security for the mass-day host node protection system for desktop unlimited license. To nodes on the specific computer security, the configuration optimization, virus killing, etc., to effectively curb the virus spread, improve system security.

Solution for the network in providing a network management tool box on the host system anomalies in-depth investigation and repair process.

The security aspect of the whole management center ASOC through Antian An effective management of all of the organic products can be organized together to network management personnel to provide more comprehensive statistics,