IP Network Cameras ? A Justified Choice for Security Surveillance

IP Network Cameras ? A Justified Choice for Security Surveillance


This digital network video surveillance system provides a host of benefits that could not be provided by traditional systems. The advantages include event management and intelligent video capabilities, easy integration possibilities and better scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Remote Accessibility: See video anywhere, anytime. Network-based video systems can be accessed remotely and viewed by authorized users from any location as long as the user has internet connectivity. IP network cameras connect directly to IP networks and allow users to view, store and analyze full motion video from anywhere on the network via a standard web browser. 

Advanced Image Quality - Advanced megapixel IP cameras deliver high image quality to clearly capture and identify persons or objects. These cameras also have greater field of view, and, being digital, no unnecessary conversion is required so image quality remains high even when transferred over the network. Due to the greater field of view the number of cameras installed becomes less, which reduces cost.

Smart and Intelligent Video – IP cameras, also known as intelligent cameras, can be programmed to record only relevant information. They connect directly to the network without a local PC and have their own IP addresses and on-board software for control and communication. All cameras are bundled with PC software for remote access and control of the recordings of up to 32 cameras from any PC on the network via a web browser. These cameras have built-in intelligence or analytics that includes motion detection, auto tracking and object tracking and can generate real time alerts or trigger other applications.

Scalability – As users needs grows, any number of network video products can be added without much change in the network infrastructure. Whether it be network cameras or storage, it is easy and inexpensive.

Ease of Installation – With IP network infrastructure already in place and being used for other IT applications, an IP network video camera can be connected to the same network at no extra infrastructure cost. The only cost involved would be one-cable camera installation using Power-over-Ethernet. A built-in gateway separates internet cameras from the regular data network so the influence of video recording on bandwidth is minimized.

The ease of installation, reduced maintenance cost, ease of system scalability and reliability of IP network cameras has opened up a Pandora’s Box for the security of home and business. The possibilities are immense with IP network cameras, with video conferencing, monitoring children and home while you are away, monitoring employees, web broadcasting, etc. These benefits and more make network video systems a justifiable choice.