Symantec Internet Security Solutions For Smes - Symantec, Internet Security, Solution - Hc Network

Symantec Internet Security Solutions For Smes - Symantec, Internet Security, Solution - Hc Network
Generally very small and medium enterprises may not have dedicated IT manager, so non-professionals need to manage IT systems themselves. And they may not have sufficient resources or expertise to ensure that the IT system capable of defending against viruses, hackers, privacy controls and the threat. Some may feel that need not worry because the company has only less than 10 stations Computer . But this is not the right idea, because then small business may also be subject to Internet threats. Only that a security breach can make the company's business interruption. Staff may not work, the customer can not obtain the required information, business income may be affected, the data may be lost, stolen or damaged. What is more worrying is that today's threat may come from any channel - internal or external wired or wireless Network .

Figure 1, small and medium enterprises Network Security Structure

Symantec for network layers to provide the best security solution: the network and the gateway between the external network, as a network hub Server And on the end-user equipment (including Desktops , Notebook Computers and handheld devices) on. Applicable to small and medium enterprises Symantec security solutions include:

1. Symantec Client Security 3.0 client with integrated security software, Small Business, can protect the enterprise from viruses and hacker attacks;

2. Symantec AntiVirus 10.0 Corporate Edition anti-virus, can protect desktops and servers from virus attacks;

3. Symantec Gateway Security 300 Series Gateway Fireproof Wall devices, multi-function gateway for SMEs to provide firewall protection.

The following on to Symantec Gateway Security 300 Series Gateway firewall device (referred to as SGS300 series) as the core, the specific description provided by Symantec for SMEs to maintain economic and easy to install and manage security solutions.

Live together on the Internet such a large network under equal sharing and information in the same time, small businesses, like large enterprises there are also similarities with the requirement of network applications, faced with the same security threats. To meet the challenges of network security, enterprises often use a variety of network hardware devices, including firewalls, routers, adapters, remote access equipment. Complexity of most corporate networks, these networks need all of these devices to ensure the correct routing and providing fast and reliable network performance. Based on these hardware, combined with a variety of software solutions, such as viruses Protection , Intrusion Detection (IDS), VPN gateway and the content Filter (Such as URL filtering), to form a regular network security solutions.

VPN, anti-virus software, IDS, IPS, firewall and a variety of Network equipment For small businesses, this is a daunting list. So in Investment Shrink, IT management diminished circumstances, small businesses can buy low-end firewall, antivirus personal edition, SOHO-class router, the access layer Switch And other equipment, the investment many results are not satisfactory. These devices not only increase the complexity of network management and fault rates, and low-end entry-level security products to protect small businesses is not enough to fully protect critical assets, security products can not be piled between the simple access to a unified security policy, functional imperfect security products will not be able respond to attacks from the intensified mixed.

But now small businesses have another choice?? Build simple, full-featured network. It is the versatility of equipment to replace the complexity of network structure to the overall security strategy to unify the fragmented security measures. Simple network, multi-function devices has created the ideal small business network status. This integration of equipment to small business into a new era?? For the protection of a simple small business network, security must be multi-vendor network security technologies in one affordable and easy-to-use solution into .

In security protection, firewall or security gateway is essential, but as IDS, IPS and anti-virus software and other technology can help detect threats and prevent these threats into the network and cause serious damage. To further protect the private network, companies often deploy a variety of network anti-virus tools to prevent viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other threats.

The reliability of protection, in addition to guard against threats, small businesses also need to ensure their Internet connection is always available. Internet connection redundancy in the event of network outages or ISP failure to provide uninterrupted connections.

Remote office protection, virtual private network (VPN) has become the core of most network security program components. Through a VPN client, remote users can use the public Internet connection (such as family Office The DSL line) to establish the safety of the tunnel leading to the corporate network. In addition, the wireless scheme can allow enterprises to completely shake off the shackles of cable, more and more small businesses began to deploy secure wireless solutions to realize Mobile Office.

These features can be said for small businesses include the most advanced network security and application requirements. Designed specifically for small businesses SGS300 series is such an easy to use integrated network security solution that not only has the above-mentioned functions, but also can provide only enterprise-class security gateway can provide powerful processing power and advanced features . These functions can be tightly integrated interoperable protection, and only a small amount of additional license fees.