IP Network Cameras ? Helps You Claim Your Security

IP Network Cameras ? Helps You Claim Your Security
We live in a world where security concerns are high, owing to the violence and turbulence that has been going on. Social threats and other allied dangers may affect us anytime. Our own security and that of our near and dear ones and our property is our responsibility. The best way to govern your personal property and home is by using effective security and surveillance systems. This is where the IP Network camera comes into play. It took quiet sometime for the market leaders in this segment today to introduce network cameras that provide protection to individuals and organizations from any unforeseen intrusion and unrest.

Companies dealing in IP Network cameras have worked hard so that everyone can reap the benefits. Some of the important advantages are as follows:-

IP cameras are flexible and can me shifted from one place to the other on an IP set-up.
Commands for pan, tilt, Zoom known as PTZ can be broadcasted by using one single cable network.
These cameras offer high image resolution that go up to approximately 640 x 480 to the least. In addition to that, they also offer the users an image quality akin to that of HDTV, which is fixed at 30 frames in one second and has a multi-megapixel resolution
The features in these cameras also include PoE that is Power over Ethernet. The modern IP network cameras are able to function without any extra power supply. They are capable of operating with PoE protocols that provides power through the Ethernet cable.
The cameras have a two-way audio system, through one cable network that makes it possible for the customers to communicate with the subject they are seeing. For instance, it makes it possible for a gas station staff to explain the usage of prepay pumps.
IP network cameras can operate with a wireless network. In the beginning, the configuration needs to be carried out via a router. Post that the camera can be set up using the wireless system. Such cameras are more in use in the defense forces.
IP network cameras allow remote accessibility. One can view live video that can be seen from any mobile smart phones and computer across the world.

Service providers of IP network camera systems work towards authentication and encryption. This enables them to secure broadcast of data by various methods, which includes WPA, WEP, TKIP, and many others. The product variants here would include the Mega Pixel Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Dome Cameras, Indoor/Outdoor cameras and many others.