How The Gender Difference affects Car Insurance Quotes

A number of factors determines car insurance quotes and this includes your age, your gender and even the place where you live. Statistics show however that most car insurance quotes are heavily influenced by age and gender. Some may call it gender and age bias but this isn't discrimination at all because auto insurance actuaries base their formula on facts and studies. It is needless to say that insurers will charge higher rates to riskier clients and in the terms of gender, it is the male of the species who are at the losing end especially those who fall under the 16 to 25 age group.

Female drivers in the same age group however enjoy better rates than their male counterparts and this is due to the fact that they usually drive less and are less likely to push their limits while on the road. Most men are easily tempted to drive faster and more often than not, they also have a tendency to drive even if they are sleepy. You shouldn't worry though because as you get older, your car insurance premium will improve but one has to note that there are still insurers that will not provide you with the premium cut that you need since they are using a different formula to determine insurance quotes.

Although car insurance quotes are usually personalized i.e. the quotes are computed based on gender and age make it easier for companies to determine how much an individual will be paying. Statistics play a very important role and even if you do not fall under the stereotypes of say women being more cautious on the road or men being more aggressive on the road, it is needless to say that you would have to deal with such stereotypes and just make the most of it. The gender difference is not imaginary though because based on studies, males truly are more aggressive when driving especially those who fall under the 16 to 25 age range.

When looking for car insurance quotes, it is important to compare one quote from one reputable provider to the next.