Network Cameras for Security in Schools and Colleges

Network Cameras for Security in Schools and Colleges

With news of shootings and abuse in schools and colleges gaining precedence, authorities need to ensure the safety of students and staff alike. It is impossible to hire enough security staff to keep all areas monitored and protected at all times. Installing network security cameras on school or college premises can assure parents about the security of their children and at the same time ensure implementation of best practices. Not only will you be able to catch students creating problems who otherwise would have gone unnoticed or unpunished, these cameras can also act as deterrents to would-be trouble makers.

IP network cameras are technologically advanced security cameras that are designed to work within a local area network (LAN) and over the Internet. They can be installed at vantage points across an institution and can be managed not only locally but from remote locations as well.

They make keeping an eye on every part of the premises easy. This camera does not pose the typical installation challenges either. They can be easily mounted on ceilings and walls. You can install them at entrances and exits to record the movements and faces of each student entering and leaving buildings.

One advantage of using network cameras for video surveillance is the power and flexibility provided by network camera software. It is easily programmed to fit your specific needs, providing the most powerful surveillance for your security requirements. This software also detects and captures any movement in the vicinity. The software can be configured to automatically signal an alarm upon motion detection.

Not only that, it can send out automatic notifications via e-mail, ftp, http, etc., so that you and/or key members of your staff are made aware of the event and can take immediate action.

When installing an IP camera on a college campus, it is important to place the cameras at strategic locations so they can capture maximum area at any given time. This needs to be done because hundreds of people can be present at any given time on campus grounds. Keeping proper recordings of video surveillance feeds is critical should something occur at the school. The footage recorded by a network camera can be used as evidence for either prosecution or defensive purposes.

While installing these internet cameras can be a necessity to ensure the safety of students and staff, one must also keep in mind their privacy. Always ensure cameras do not infringe upon the rights of the individuals being viewed.

This system also addresses several challenges often associated with outdoor surveillance in parking facilities: weather, power, cable/wire trenching hassles and network accessibility. Network cameras are weather proof and can be installed outdoors. The video image that is provided is of sharp quality because of its optical lens with pan/tilt and zoom features. These cameras can send very clear and sharp images even in areas that are poorly lit as they are equipped with built-in illuminators.

With 24 hour monitoring cameras in use, campuses can be made safe for both students and staff. By acting as a deterrent to trouble makers, vandalism can also be controlled. Thus network cameras installed in educational institutions can restrict unwanted actions that can endanger students and staff.