In 2007, Network Security Should Pay Attention To The Seven Initiatives - Network Security,

In 2007, Network Security Should Pay Attention To The Seven Initiatives - Network Security,
We always face the problem of network security, to prevent the malicious e-mail every day of the invasion, but also worried about the system subject to zero-day virus attacks. In addition to outside attacks from the outside, but also to consider a variety of threats from within, such as the infected laptop to use to get inside the firewall.

The face of such pressures, we should take what kind of initiatives to make 2007 a safe year? We have to prevent the repeat of past mistakes, not to waste time in dealing with the dire consequences of the virus spread, the can not use a lot of time to clean up the system a headache. Let me introduce my opinion of some of the measures to be taken.

Depth briefing here recently I'm not in the field of network security concepts, such as "unifiedthreat management" or "network admissioncontrol", this is because our focus is on seven measures, not to recommend seven tools. For example, I think the encryption and decryption of the application is an important initiative, rather than taking it as a tool to be introduced. I just introduced such a measure, I believe we can address their different circumstances to find appropriate tools for their own. The fact is that the tools, whether commercial or open source tools are a lot of tools.

Here is my list of the seven measures, ranked according to the degree of importance.

1) make and implement corporate security policies

2) to develop safety awareness training

3) regular self-assessment of Information Security

4) to conduct regular self-assessment of the company

5) can be applied in a company-wide encryption and decryption techniques

6) is estimated to protect, manage and track all company assets

7) inspection and testing business continuity and contingency planning

Listed above, not all of these initiatives, there are many other initiatives I have not listed. I only listed the top seven measures because of their implementation can cover most of the risk of discharge, if you put in these seven measures, it will soon be able to see their own systems in the network security improved.

The following seven initiatives for this detail.

1) make and implement corporate security policies

If your company does not have any security policy, then it is time to develop one of the. There are many very good security policy model can be used to use, most of these patterns are free, some charge a small fee. The model is my favorite mode and ISO COBIT

27001/17799 mode. The former is used in the field of e-PCI mode, the latter is already quite mature international standard mode. These models can be used as a good starting point, as long as when you start using these patterns, but soon you will find that they need them concrete, expanded or modified. This is to allow any one company can understand these policies. In general, most companies are not experts in information security, so the need for a user-friendly policies that take into account company specific circumstances of each department, and want everyone to understand and implementation. For example, if it is for IT companies, the standard mode specific, the CIO needs you to help develop a network security policy.

If you feel that the model for these standards are too complicated for you, then consider the existing security policy from the company started. But there is a principle that this policy must cover all possible actions, even if these policies at the beginning of a total of only one page of content, then it must also be included as an outline of the basic rules of conduct are all based . Similar to the basic rules need to include access control, password management, disaster recovery and so on. For example, you must have a policy to explain how to back up in a sudden accident business data and customer private data, how to set up mirror and so on for the system.

Developed a security policy which needs to be done after work? You also need to implement government policies, together with consideration of the question, that is, if someone violates these policies how to do? Violation of security policy behavior is malicious it? For example, the policy provides the data in the database is only allowed to look at, if there is an employee in violation of this policy, the employee records in the database to copy data out of the situation, and posted on public website. If you encounter this problem, how can you do? In fact incidents like this, not necessarily from malicious leakage of confidential, but from policy-making is incomplete, not all employees are aware of this policy, or there is no clear policy should be taken for breaches of measures. You should make all employees are aware of this policy and specified the consequences of violating this policy.