Finding cheap air tickets to travel to popular destinations

While staycations have become a recent trend, the reality is that people still like to travel while on their vacations. People want to go somewhere, get away from it all. This often involves flying, and it can be especially expensive to fly to popular destinations. However, there are ways you can get cheap air tickets to popular destinations.

Work With a Travel Agent

Although you can do pretty much all of your travel arrangements by yourself, you may be able to get major cost savings by using a travel agent. They are likely to have information the general public will not have access to on upcoming discounts. And they can help you plan your entire trip to a popular destination so it is not a hassle. This is particularly helpful if you simply do not have sufficient time before your vacation to handle the details yourself.

Use Coupons and Discount Codes

Several airlines are willing to give you up to 50% off flights. All you have to do is include a special discount code when you book your flight. The trick is that you have to actually find the code which is somewhere on their site. You can also get discount codes by being a member of certain travel organizations.

Buy Tickets on Tuesday

Specifically, you want to plan to purchase your tickets at around 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This is widely known to be the best day to book a flight. Tuesday is when the major airlines announce their sales for the week. Because of different time zones, the aforementioned time has been determined to be the time to get the very best deals on ticket prices. These sales are usually good through Thursday although by that time you will have fewer options from which to choose. This holds true for tickets to popular destinations as well.

Avoid Blackout Dates

Dates that are the peak travel days for airlines like major holidays are called blackout dates. You are not likely to get a decent rate if you decide to fly on these days. These are the days that everyone wants to travel and airlines are not going to offer discounts on those days when they can make money.

Look for Social Media Deals

You will be able to check out the business page of your favourite airline on social networks to check which deals are being offered at the moment, all you need is a Facebook or Twitter account. Become a follower and you will receive information on discounts that others may not be aware of. Check out other social networks to see if you can find other deals on cheap air tickets. You may be surprised about the cheap air tickets you can get online.