The Significant Roles Of Computer And Network Security Assessment

The Significant Roles Of Computer And Network Security Assessment

There is a process of knowing and controlling attackers and hackers of your computer. This method is popularly known as computer security assessment. It's very essential in business, banking, financing, investing, purchasing and communication by means of email and chat programs. It also prevents you from knowing real locations.

If there is no computer security, they target your computer although it is connected to Internet like playing the latest games or sending emails to someone, relative or friends. The unauthorized users can also monitor all your activities on the computer and they can also destroy your computer by changing your data or they can reformat your hard drive.

Hackers are also scanning home users so it is suggested that network firewalls must be provided against them.

It is also advisable not to open email that you don't know where it came from. You must know its origin because there are some malicious codes which can be distributed in amusing programs. It is also important that before opening the file, you must save the file to you hard disk. It's also advisable to scan the file through antivirus software or you must lock your computer'snetworkconnection before opening it.

You must also bear in mind that running or sending programs to friends you don't know where they come from can damage the Internet security. By setting the registry value, it will enable the windows to hide certain file extensions. Operation system and all your application should be patched and turning the computer when not in used is a must because unauthorized users have no power to attack if the computer is disconnected from the network, disabling all scripting languages like JavaScript and active X, may degrade the sites.

By turning off these options, malicious scripts can be prevented. Disabling scripting features in email programs is also necessary for Internet security. It is also recommended to store the back up dishes away from the computer and if the computer is damaged, you must create a boot disk, which will aid to recover a damaged computer.

Why is Network Security Important

In this computer world, everyone is familiar with network. Network is composed of two or more computers, which are interconnected in order to share sources, exchange files and enable electronic communication. It can also be local area network and widearea network. Local area network is referred to small areas only and one computer is designated as file server while wide area network links larger geographical location such as communicating others from one country to anothercountry.Network traffic can be divided into groups and this strategy is called network segmentation. Separating corporate desktop from production servers or production severs or production servers to corporate desktops are an example of network segmentation.

Network security is important to avoid or prevent loss by misusing the data. It is an action established to safeguard the networking from destruction, damage, misuse and other illegal accesses. There are varied kinds of network security software such as firewall and encryption. Encryptions is a process of protecting the computer data in a way that it can be read only if one has the right key for decoding. Installing firewalls can prevent and identify all bad things which cannot bedetected by antivirus software. Authentication is anothertype of this security which preventsauthorized users from accessingaccidentally, otheruser's resources.

Another type of network securityis the IntrusionDetection System to alert system managers, so that they will know where the trouble is. The antivirus software is used to trace out potential viruses before reaching the internal severs and interworks. It can also tell viruses which come from email. If network security is not properly implemented, each firm will help detect critical information private from the competitor's eyes. There is a manipulation of data and it could be destroyed completely.