Avoid Cheap Air Ticket Scams

Flying and travel expenses can add up quickly. People are always searching for cheap air tickets or vacation packages. Scammers know this, and will try anything to trick you into buying their "cheap air tickets." It is possible to safely purchase cheap air tickets as long as you know what to look out for and avoid.

  1. Do not respond to unsolicited emails, flyers, or faxes. Typically, these deals are very enticing. However, they may not exist at all, or may have expensive hidden fees that won't be revealed until after you've already given out your personal information.

  2. Avoid any clubs or memberships that ask for money before you are allowed to see the cheap air ticket deals. This scam involves you giving up money without knowing what you're paying for. Once you have access to the "cheap air tickets" you will often find that they are the same as other deals you have seen online.

  3. Scam artists like to pressure people into making a decision quickly. If you are faced with a cheap air ticket that requires you to make a payment at that very moment run away. This high-pressure tactic usually leads to you regretting your decision and being caught in a scam.

  4. Another pressure tactic is claiming that a cheap air ticket has a "limited availability." This pressures you into buying quickly, and is again often used by scammers.

  5. Always guard your credit card information and do not give it out to unknown sources. Many times a scam artist will sell your credit card information to identity thieves.

  6. If you believe you are the victim of a scam, or have stumbled upon one, contact your Attorney General's office. They may help you recover any money you lost and potentially put a stop to other people becoming victimized by the same scammers.

  7. Check consumer reports, the Better Business Bureau, and online reviews for the company you are considering. If you see anything suspicious or something that makes you uncomfortable, move on to a different company.

There are many reputable companies out there that offer cheap air tickets. If you follow our advice and keep your eyes out for suspicious activity, you should be able to travel at reasonable prices to anywhere in the world. Scammers may be prevalent in the cheap air ticket world, but they don't have to win!